Standard PowerSource Online memberships includes access to the following features:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Searching
  • Inventory Uploads
  • Multi-Search (up to 100 SKUs at once)
  • WatchList
  • Send and Receive WTB/WTS Broadcasts
  • Customizable Email Alerts
  • Inventory Match Reports
  • Online Reports
  • US Government Bid Opportunities
  • CLEI Database
  • And More...

If you do not have a PowerSource Online membership we invite you to request a free trial.

In addition to our standard features, we offer the following services to help you grow your business:

VStock (Virtual Stock)

What is V-Stock?

V-Stock is a search bar that you can install on your website that will allow your customers to search the millions of lines of inventory listed on PowerSource Online. The inventory displayed in the search results will appear to be your own inventory and your customer will have the option to request a quote from you for any item listed by a seller on PowerSource Online.

Do you want to give your customers more choices when looking for parts on your website? With the new V-Stock Add-On, customers can browse through a variety of different options. You can add links to your main V-Stock search page for customers to browse parts by clicking on one of your top categories, such as Laptops, Hard Drives, etc. You can also add a featured part or new part section with links that will allow the user to browse search results matching that part number. Perhaps you want to list the Manufacturers of parts you support so that the user can browse any parts by that particular Manufacturer. Place the new sections anywhere on your main V-Stock search page. The flexibility and possibilities are endless!

V-Stock is a Virtual Warehouse of parts & equipment on your Website.

• Create your own virtual warehouse, accessible to all your customers
• Expand your online inventory with hundreds of thousands line items
• Maximize sales opportunities: satisfy ALL your customers' needs
• Control all inventory that appears on your website with Vendor preferences
• Customize V-Stock to your company's website
• Integrate with PowerSource Online's real-time inventory

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Will my customers see the original sellers contact information?

A - No, everything they see will appear as your own stock.

Q - Can I control which companies display inventory in my V-Stock?

A - Yes! You have complete control over which companies inventory is searchable on your site. You can show every vendor, exclude certain vendors, or limit it down to only show your own inventory. It's completely up to you!

Q - Can I change the colors of the V-Stock to match my website?

A - Yes! Within the V-Stock control panel you have full control over colors, font, text size, and more.

Q - Will my customer see the vendor prices listed on PowerSource Online?

A - No, You can choose to automatically add 10% or any percentage to the price displayed within PowerSource Online or you can disable pricing all together and request that your customer submit an RFQ for pricing.

Q - What do you charge for V-Stock?

A - V-Stock is $50/month in addition to your PowerSource Online membership. If you do not have a PowerSource Online membership we invite you to request a free trial.

Q - Do I really need V-Stock?

A - The bottom line is this... If your customer searches for a product on your website and doesn't find what they are looking for, they will move on to the next vendor and you will lose out on a sales opportunity. With V-Stock you can share every bit of inventory listed on PowerSource Online with your customers so that they will always find what they are looking for and never have to look elsewhere.

Q - How do I get started with V-Stock?

A - Contact your PowerSource Online Account Manager to install V-Stock on your website today! If you do not have a PowerSource Online membership we invite you to request a free trial.

XML Search

What is XML Search?

XML Search is a convenient search option that many companies use when having to source constantly for parts. The XML Search can be set up on your backend system so that all purchasing agents can source for parts needed. Once you subscribe to the XML Search Update service, you will be given a unique key. This key will serve as an identification and authorization purpose and should be kept private. There is minimal development work on your end to set up the XML Search Update service and ensure connection to our server. Please contact your PowerSource Online Account Manager for more information and an XML Search Update Guide.  

Features and Benefits

  • Access to one of the largest inventory database in the world.
  • Seamless integration to your intranet.
  • XML technology is a low cost, platform independent technology.
  • XML parsers are available for free on the net.
  • Data can be displayed directly in your applications or by using XSL style sheets.
  • Can be used with any programming language.
  • Java examples supplied for your convenience.
  • All results are accessible through multiple requests.
  • Search criterions include: product number, product quantity, product condition and product manufacturer.
  • Control the parts returned by using query constraints such as:
    • Reduce searching time by using the ExactMatch query constraint.
    • Get more results with the LineNo query constraint.
  • Items and contacts are already matched together for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - How does it work?

A - Basically, once you have opened a connection to our server, you can send us an XML file. This XML file should contain information about the part you're trying to search for. Once we receive the XML Document, the server interprets and processes your request: it performs the search and builds the XML result file. This file contains the information about the part being searched as well as the matching contact information. Finally, once the search is complete, the file is sent back through the existing connection.

Q - What do you charge for XML Search?

A - XML Search is $500/month in addition to your PowerSource Online membership. If you do not have a PowerSource Online membership we invite you to request a free trial.

Real-Time Inventory

We offer multiple upload options to suit your needs:

  • Manually upload via the Advertising Zone section within PowerSource Online.
  • E-mail your inventory to
  • Drop your file into our FTP folder.
  • Set up a real-time feed using Inventory Management software.
  • Host your file online and provide us with the download link. Our system will download your file daily and upload it for you.

Real-Time Inventory Uploads

PowerSource Online has partnered with several of the leading Inventory Management software’s to provide you with a simple real-time inventory solution. Contact us to find out which is the best compatibility to your software so you can set up a real-time feed to PowerSource Online by entering your Username, Password, and Security Key directly to the software of your choice. Once this connection is established your inventory will be updated on our site in real-time as you add or remove items from your stock. It is possible to set up a real-time connection using a custom in-house software but it will require additional development on your end. Please contact your Account Manager to request a security key or if you need help setting up a real-time connect using your own custom software. If you do not have a PowerSource Online membership we invite you to request a free trial.

Magazine and Online Banner Advertising

Would you like to advertise your products, services, and reach new customers?

PowerSource Online Magazine

The PowerSource Online Magazine is sent out monthly to over 65,000 subscribers. Additionally we have partnered with many of the leading tradeshows in the industry. As a member of PowerSource Online, you are entitled to the following discounted advertising rates:  

  • Full Page Ad - $250/month
  • Half Page Ad - $150/month
  • Two Page Spread - $450/month

Additional discounts are available on 6 month and 12 month advertising contracts.

Online Banner Advertising

The PowerSource Online marketplace has online banner placements available throughout our website. Banner Advertising is a great way to gain visibility for your company’s products and services and drive traffic to your website or product pages. We have banner spots available in key locations on our website to fit your needs and budget. Please contact your PowerSource Online Account Manager to check banner availability and to discuss which placement would work best for your company. If you do not have a PowerSource Online membership we invite you to request a free trial.

  • Small Banner Ad - $50/month
  • Large Banner Ad - $75/month
  • X-Large Banner Ad - $125/month
  • Prime Banner Ad (Search Results Page) - $350/month

Additional discounts are available on 6 month and 12 month advertising contracts.

Custom Reports

Our standard memberships come with access to online reports such as:

  • Top 200 Searched Parts (Last 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days)
  • Top 100 Unmatched Searches (Last 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days)
  • Top 50 Searched Parts for specific manufacturers (Last 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days)

If your company requires a more advanced report with custom requirements please contact your PowerSource Online Account Manager for a custom quote.