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Thank you PowerSource

We are fairly new as an advertiser on PowerSource and already have seen a very positive increase to our business. We also think that part of what makes PowerSource a winner is that every account representative I have worked with are just great. Their customer service is an ideal, every rep has helped us to walk through many of the features and work with us to use the tools to maximize our business. This is truly a remarkable company with great people working as a team. Thank you PowerSource.

Scout Micro Inc.

PowerSource Online Customer Service second to none

In the time we have been with PowerSource we have found this to be THE best site for buying and selling our products. They are fast, reliable and we regard their service to us to be as good as the service WE give to OUR Customers, which is second to none.

Sergio Afonso, Senior Sales Executive
Continuation Networks

The easiness of finding equipment to suite our needs was beyond any expectations

Since using PowerSource Online we have benefited from the vast information shared between your customers of a huge benefit to our daily business. The easiness of finding equipment to suite our needs was beyond any expectations. In no time it felt as if we are part of a big global family and even the fact that we are "on the other side of the world" did not hinder any transaction. I wish to thank you for one of the best IT commercial tools I have come across in many years. PowerSource has made an enormous positive impact on our business in the last months to the point that I don't know what we would do without it.

Steven Schwarz Director & Service Delivery Manager
Public Technology Ltd. New Zealand

PowerSource is the one you want to be on

PowerSource Online has played a critical role in driving new customers and new sales to our business for the past 7 years. There is a very simple reason that we are with PowerSource: it delivers measurable results and we can rely on the service and the people. We've been very pleased with the quickened inventory turns and the shortened sales cycle. If you only choose to buy and sell on one IT parts website, PowerSource is the one you want to be on.

Ken Smith President
Blue Star Corp. USA

PowerSource has great influence on our profit margin

Thanks to you and your team for teaching us how to take advantage of the tools PowerSource has to offer. PowerSource has had a great influence on our companies efficiency and profit margin.

Art Hess
2H Technologies

PowerSource Online is the best

We have been using PowerSource for over 7 years and we believe they have been the best B2B trading website. PowerSource is easy to use and drives business to you. The account agents are very friendly and helpful. We highly recommend PowerSource for all your computer trading needs.

Wilson Dewji
Cyber Marketing & Research, llc.

A real impact on our Revenue Gains

(PowerSource Online in partnership with) Telecom Finders is our primary marketing vehicle to our network of buyers for telecommunication equipment and repair services. The ... staff has consistently referred equipment surplus and repair service to us. The opportunities we receive from (the site) enabled us to have the key business relationships to succeed. (PowerSource Online in partnership with) Telecom Finders makes a real impact on our revenue gains and the ROI is beyond any other on-line service available for marketing telecom equipment.

Todd Whitley
Mintech Repair

Helpful to find various suppliers on outdated equipment

The (PowerSource Online in partnership with) Telecom Finders web site has helped Alaska Communications Systems in Several ways. It lists a vast range of telecom materials in one site. Previously I had to waste a lot of time remembering various web sites, remembering pass words for some of them and then signing into them one at a time. Having a consolidated site saves a lot of time. As with any telephone company you always have some outdated equipment still in use in your smaller locations. It's easy to find the newer equipment to buy, but (PowerSource Online in partnership with) Telecom Finders has been especially helpful to find various suppliers on outdated equipment. I have been generally successful in also using the website for selling equipment. Most of it is outdated and hard to sell. Previously all of this went into the trash because there wasn't a good single site to list it on. I have recommended the site to several other Telco's in Alaska to try.

Bill Pearson
Alaska Communications Systems

Recommend this Service

Eschelon Telecom Engineering has been utilizing the ...web site service since early 2003. Eschelon consistently saves thousands of dollars per quarter by purchasing through this service instead of direct from the manufacturer. I would recommend this service to any client who is concerned with conserving cash flow regarding their CapEx budgets.

Bill Kent
Eschelon Telecom, Inc.

Telecom Related Secondary Market Intelligence

For several years now I have relied on (PowerSource Online in partnership with) Telecom Finders to provide myself and my Company with Telecom related secondary market intelligence which is second to none.

Keith Campbell
The Wesbell Group of Companies, Inc.