Buying Parts & Equipment: Corporate & Government End Users


Searching for Parts & Equipment


Search for new parts, used parts and refurbished parts from trusted Verified Suppliers on PowerSource Online. PowerSource Online has a select group of trusted Verified Suppliers whose IT, Telecom and Medical parts and equipment are available for sale to Corporate and Government End Users on PowerSource Online. To Search for a specific part number, model number, manufacturer or keyword simply type it into the Search Bar on the homepage, Buy page or any existing search results page. Once you have the search results, you can see if that product is available from our Suppliers. Simply click on the part number or description of the item to see the full details and Supplier information.


Browsing for Parts & Equipment


If you want to browse through categories and manufacturers for your equipment needs without searching, simply click on the Buy tab at the top of every page. PowerSource Online Suppliers have over 4 million lines of inventory that are categorized with an image, manufacturer description and manufacturer specifications.


Requesting a Part Quote


Request a quote for the part number or model number that you are looking for from one or more of our Verified Suppliers. Simply check off the box next to the Supplier’s name and hit the Get a Quote button at the top or bottom of the list of Suppliers. Using PowerSource Online’s request a quote system is one of the most time effective ways to receive real time quotes. You can request a quote from one or more Supplier(s) by simply filling out one request. Find the lowest quote by sending out your request to multiple Suppliers listing the same part.

The Suppliers phone number, email address and any relevant instant messenger information is also located on the Supplier’s Company Profile. You can also request a quote by calling, emailing or IMing the Supplier directly. Make certain to mention that you found the Supplier on PowerSource Online to ensure the best pricing.


Broadcasting Want to Buys


Broadcast a Want to Buy when you can not find the part or full system that you need in stock by one of our Verified Suppliers. A Want to Buy is broadcasted out via email to Suppliers that have more items available than what is listed on Your Want to Buys are only received by PowerSource Online Verified Suppliers. Get multiple quotes for the part or model that you are looking for by broadcasting a Want to Buy today. Broadcast Now!


Receiving a Part or Equipment Quote


If you have requested a quote from a PowerSource Online Supplier or broadcasted a Want to Buy, you will receive a quote for your part/model required. There are multiple ways in which Suppliers and Resellers will quote your requirement. You may receive a quote via the PowerSource Online quote system. This quote will be sent directly to your email address. The Supplier may email you directly or call you with a quote as well.


The Final Sale


The Final Sale of a product (part or full system) from a PowerSource Online Supplier is done offline and is an agreement between you and the Supplier. All Suppliers have listed the payments accepted on their Company Profile.