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Level 10 is one company, everything IT. With increasing IT challenges, we recognize retailers need less partners to do more. By strategically bundling our services-hardware procurement, software development, asset management, maintenance, in-field technician support and service desk—we act as an e...   More Information

2495 Pembroke Ave, Shipping
Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA, 60169
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1  (888) 828-1130
1  (847) 805-9092
1  (847) 805-9051 
English, Spanish

Contact for Service

Sherri Langlo
1  (847) 805-9088 ext 153

Additional Service Information Service Department

Copiers/Printers, Point of Sale (POS) 

Asset Recovery

Level 10' ITAM solutions for management of all IT assets from acquisition through disposal


Installs and De-Installs

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Level 10 understands the challenges associated with Asset Disposal and provides services that meet EPA and PCI compliance standards while helping retailers yield maximum value for their assets.


System Integrator

If you’re not in the market for a new solution, Level 10 can be a product supplier for your in-place systems. Our product team keeps a constant watch on the hardware market to ensure you get the product you need at the best possible price.


Other Services

Level 10’ Repair Service offering allows retailers to have equipment repaired with or without being under a maintenance contract. Retailers simply send in the equipment to be repaired and it is returned in an agreed upon amount of time.


Level 10 is Verified Supplier Certification

Inventory Management Software : MAS 500

Footage of Warehouse/Facility : 51,000 - 80,000 sq ft.

Number of Employees : 101 - 200 employees

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  • Verified Supplier Certification

    Understanding the challenges you face in finding excellent business partners, we developed the Verified Supplier Certification to simplify the supplier sourcing process and help buyers to make educated decisions with ease and absolute confidence. All Suppliers who list Inventory available to Corporate and Government End Users have a Verified Supplier Certification. Verified Supplier Certification also lets our member community instantly identify reliable stock suppliers by displaying a special icon in the Age column beside any line item currently in stock.

    Verified Supplier Certification