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5G projected to surpass 190M subscriptions globally by end of 2020

By Macy Bayern

Solid connectivity will be key to the economic recovery after COVID-19, Ericsson found. Global 5G subscriptions are expected to hit 190 million by the end of 2020, an Ericsson report found. In 2025, 5G subscriptions are forecasted to surpass 2.8 billion, indicating a growing demand and reliance on connectivity. 

The coronavirus pandemic added urgency to the need for connectivity. With the majority of businesses forced to work remotely or virtually, network infrastructures were put to the test and the need for high-speed, low latency, reliable connection became clear.

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Printed Electronics Transitions to Image Sensing, Health Monitoring

By George Leopold

The increasingly diverse $3.6 billion printed electronics / sensors market is forecast to expand 25 percent over the next decade, fueled by expansion of the hybrid image sensors that can be produced with few modifications to existing CMOS manufacturing lines.

That attribute “greatly reduces the barriers to entry,” IDTechEx Research concludes in a bullish forecast that the fully printed sensor market will reach $4.5 billion by 2030. Printed sensors technology had long been driven by the need for measuring blood glucose concentrations in diabetes sufferers. Billions of the strips are used each year. Now, the market is gradually diversifying to include wearable electrodes, image sensors and other applications.

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Why the Refurbished Electronics Market is Thriving

By Barbara Jorgensen

A perfect storm is brewing for consumer electronics marketplace Back Market. The items it specializes in — refurbished smartphones, PCs, tablets and the like — are in high demand as professionals and students work from home during the coronavirus pandemic. In many regions of the world, unemployment has skyrocketed, so consumers are increasingly budget-conscious. Finally, by extending the lifecycle of consumer devices, e-waste — and the pressure to continually upgrade electronics — is reduced.

The online e-tailer, headquartered in Paris, launched in 2014. Awareness of e-waste—the metals, chemicals, plastics and other elements in discarded electronics — was escalating as an environmental concern.

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