PowerSourceOnline.com is the largest B2B computer, printer, networking and telecom exchange that connects buyers and sellers of IT parts. The online marketplace for buyers and sellers of telecom systems and parts, networking equipment, computers and laptops and other IT equipment is the largest online network for the secondary telecommunication and IT marketplace. Since its creation in 1997, PowerSource remains committed to providing quality sourcing and disposition solutions of hard-to-find, excess, discontinued, obsolete and end-of-life computer parts and systems. With a global member base of over 2000 members consisting of Dealers, Resellers, Brokers and Service Companies, locating computer parts, systems, telecommunication equipment, peripherals, printers and networking equipment has never been easier! In 2010, Telecom Finders joined the PowerSource Online website and community to add telecom parts and equipment to the already expansive IT and computer parts and equipment database.

PowerSource Online is a division of Mediagrif Interactive Technologies - a leading operator of 14 e-business networks that serve over 50,000 businesses worldwide.

Our Services

PowerSource Online has helped thousands of computer parts and telecom equipment buyers to efficiently source used, refurbished and surplus IT and telecom systems, parts and equipment for their PCs and laptops, central office, VoIP and business telephony systems, storage components, point of sale systems, wireless networks and networking operations.

The heart of our service consists of a searchable parts and equipment database which instantly connects the buyer to over 3 million lines of inventory which is advertised from the most reputable suppliers in the IT and Telecom Secondary Market Industry. Power Source Online understands the importance of quality information, and requires that all its suppliers upload their most recent stock list at least once a week. Our Verified Suppliers upload more often and users can view images of the warehouses and information about the Supplier with confidance that the part is in stock.

PowerSource Online also offers a Broadcast Section where buyers can upload their requirements and sellers can advertise their excess and unwanted equipment. Once posted these broadcasts ads are "push marketed" via email to our entire user database which consists of over 14,000 users throughout the world informing them of the products and parts you have for Sale and/or parts that you need to buy.

Our Members

PowerSource Online's members consist of Dealers, Resellers, Brokers, Service and Maintenance Companies, Recyclers, Asset Recovery Companies, Interconnects and Self Maintainers.

Our Core Market

PowerSource Online's niche market is in the secondary IT and Telecom product marketplace. Secondary parts are those that are not "factory sealed new". After a new parts distributor sells a product it no longer can be considered "new". It becomes open box new, pull, refurbished, non-working, used or secondary product. The majority of parts and full systems that you will find on PowerSource Online are not factory sealed and are sold through VARs or Dealers within the secondary market.

Once the manufacturer stops making particular parts, the reseller channel has to rely on the secondary parts market to find the parts required to service their customer's older PCs, laptops, printers, telecom/phone system, networking equipment and other IT products. Products that are most commonly searched for by Resellers, Dealers and Brokers on PowerSource Online consist of: Computer Parts, Full Systems, Laptops & Laptop parts, Printer parts, Networking parts & equipment, VoIP parts, PBX/Key systems and parts, Point of Sale equipment, OS & Mainframe computers and other IT and telecom parts.

Our Vision

To maintain PowerSourceOnline.com as the leading, global business-to-business trading exchange and procurement system for computer and telecom dealers, resellers and service companies that deal in new, secondary, end-of-life and excess IT and telecom, parts, systems and peripherals.

We aim to create and build strategic partnerships with industry leaders and associations that will increase the exposure of our suppliers and vendors by driving buyers of secondary parts and equipment directly to our membership.

About Mediagrif Interactive Technologies:

Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. (Toronto Stock Exchange: MDF) is a world-leading operator of e-business networks and provider of complete e-business solutions. Mediagrif's e-business networks allow buyers and sellers within specific industries to source, purchase or sell products and to exchange documents more efficiently using the Internet. Headquartered in Montreal, Mediagrif through its subsidiaries has various offices in Canada and the United States.

Mediagrif operates 14 networks that serve about 50,000 businesses. Some of the leaders in their industries include:

The company also owns MERX www.merx.com , the exclusive provider of e-tendering services to the federal government of Canada, and is a leading provider of government bid aggregation services and e-procurement services in the U.S through www.bidnet.com and www.governmentbids.com