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Over 20 years - Authorized service repair for most major computer and printer manufacturers. Network solutions, design and services. Telephone system sales and services. All of the services are provided Nationwide.

375 Robbins Drive
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1 (800) 261-6442
1 (248) 597-1095
1 (248) 597-1069

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1 (248) 597-1095ext3140

Additional Service Information Service Department

Copiers/Printers, Datacom/Networking, Desktop/Tower, Laptops/Notebooks, Monitors/LCD, Servers/Workstations, VoIP, Wire/Cable

Authorized Repair Center

Sell, Service, Install and Support Nortel, Avaya and Vertical Networks Products

Compaq, IBM, Toshiba, Nortel, HP
Computer and Telephone Sales and Services

Installs and De-Installs

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IBM, Okidata, HP, Compaq, Nortel
HP, Microsoft, Checkpoint Security

System Integrator

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Modern Business Machines, Inc isVerified Supplier Certification

Inventory Management Software : ECI Lacrosse, Nextgen

Footage of Warehouse/Facility : 11,000 - 20,000 sq ft.

Number of Employees : 31 - 50 employees

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