May 2016

Guardian Data Destruction President Glenn Laga Elected to NAID Board of Directors

Guardian Data Destruction President Glenn Laga Elected to NAID Board of Directors

(South Hackensack, New Jersey) Glenn Laga, President and founder of Guardian Data Destruction, has been elected to fill a director seat for the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). As Director, Mr. Laga brings his specialized experience in e-Data Destruction to the fifteen-member board of secure destruction professionals who provide industry guidance to NAID’s non-profit international trade organization.

When asked what he feels are the top issues facing the data destruction industry, Laga replied, “Awareness, awareness, awareness.” NAID’s concern for addressing industry issues with quality and integrity to meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk is defined by the scope of services they provide: member marketing materials, education, industry conferences, government relations, and a AAA certification program. Due to Mr. Laga and NAID’s combined commitment, a recent New Jersey law now allows businesses to comply with data protection standards that require mobile hard drive shredding.

“I am extremely honored to be elected as a Director for such an important organization,” Laga explained. “My experience in electronic data destruction and lengthy campaign that changed New Jersey law is just one example of my commitment to data destruction industry. This new law has changed the security landscape for NJ Corporation by reducing risk, maintain compliance and providing them with the most secure onsite data destruction services and ensure that businesses have the security and quality that is provided by NAID-certified members.” Mr. Laga intends to continue to promote the national awareness of the benefits NAID members provide for all types of data destruction.

The NAID 2016 Conference Committee was held last week with record attendance. All of information destruction services were addressed. Mr. Laga was a keynote speaker presenting on “The Future of E-Data Destruction Market”. Referring to the official installation of the new board members, which took place at the conference, NAID President, Don Adriaansen stressed that NAID’s success can be attributed to an active board of directors who take their responsibilities very seriously and “who represent a healthy cross section of the data destruction industry.”

In the Director position, Mr Laga will serve a 3-year term on the Board.

About Guardian Data Destruction: Guardian Data Destruction is an onsite, single-source solution providing a full suite of services exclusive for e-data destruction. Guardian delivers 100% secure, compliant, absolute data destruction, using a NAID-certified process, following the NIST-certified (DoD) process and using NSA-certified equipment when requested. Guardian’s secure onsite process and hardened chain of custody eliminate the risk of data breach inherent in transporting equipment with live data. Additional services include data center and site decommissioning, onsite packing and logistics, and snapshot asset inventorying.  Headquartered in the New Jersey, covering the continental US with locations in most major cities, Guardian Data Destruction delivers data destruction with the largest fleet of mobile data destruction trucks in the industry and bonded employees.

About NAID: The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is a non-profit trade organization representing approximately 1,900 member locations globally dedicated to promoting the secure destruction of discarded sensitive information through education and by enforcing high ethical and operational standards