April 2015

Guardian Launches Fight Against Onerous NJ DEP Regulation

Guardian Launches Fight Against Onerous NJ DEP Regulation

–– NJ is only State in the Union Requiring Restrictive Licenses to Shred Hard Drives ––

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY, April 15, 2015 – Guardian Data Destruction of Long Island City, NY has announced that they’ve launched a fight against an overly and unnecessarily restrictive New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulation that limits the options available to organizations for destroying their obsolete hard drives containing personally identifiable information (“PII”). New Jersey is the only state in the union that requires a state license to shred hard drives, which in turn interferes with many financial and health care organizations’ policies on the destruction of media containing PII.

The New Jersey DEP say that destruction of hard drives in any manner is considered “processing,” and that hard drives, which are a form of “consumer electronics” are considered “universal waste.” Because of these definitions and classifications, corporate media gets swept into the New Jersey DEP ruling that “Processing of consumer electronics whether as a permanent or mobile shredding requires a general or limited Class D Recycling Center Approval.”

Glenn Laga, founder and CEO of Guardian Data Destruction, launched a fight against the regulation. Guardian operates heavily in New York and New Jersey and sees first-hand how this regulation has created logistical problems and increased costs for clients, while simultaneously limiting their options. Laga’s team at Guardian has put together a sound strategy and execution plan for this initiative, and others have taken notice.

The Phoenix-based National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) has gotten behind Guardian’s efforts. According to NAID President Steve Richards, “When we learned that Guardian had
defined such [an effective] strategy, the board did not hesitate in adding the association’s support and resources behind it.” Laga welcomes the help, adding “We are happy to fight this battle on our own, and in fact have already begun. But we’re obviously delighted to get the rest of the industry behind us.”

About Guardian Data Destruction: Guardian Data Destruction is an on-site, single-source solution for data center decommissioning, data destruction and logistics. Guardian Data Destruction eliminate the
risk of even a single data breach that could arise during transport of hard drives and computer equipment by bringing its Mobile IT Unit to a client’s facility to erase or destroy media on-site. Guardian Data Destruction provides 100% erasure ON SITE, securely, using DoD-level certified erasure equipment. Guardian Data Destruction is a privately held New York-based company. For more information about the company, visit http://www.GuardianDataDestruction.com.

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