June 2014

Verified Supplier Program

Verified Supplier Certification

The Verified Supplier program was set up to help buyers quickly identify which sellers are advertising in-stock inventory and which are listing available inventory on PowerSource Online.

Items listed as in-stock will show up first in the search results with a highlighted listing and a gold check mark. Companies without the gold check mark are advertising their inventory as “available” meaning they don’t have it in-stock but they have the ability to get it for you.


gold check mark

The gold check mark signifies that the item listed is physically in-stock by the seller.


What are the benefits of the Verified Supplier Program?

For the Buyer:

Verified Supplier Certification ensures that buyers always have quick and easy access to available products and up-to-date information from trusted vendors. Providing all the details that buyers need to make better decisions. The Verified Supplier Certification also enables buyers to review supplier company profiles including details such as number of employees, warehouse size and photographs, maps and directions, notarized certification documents, inventory systems and more.

  1. Save time by quickly identifying which items are physically in-stock
  2. Avoid lead times by going directly to the stocking supplier

For the Seller:

Verified Suppliers enjoy greater visibility through preferred placement in search results. Verified Suppliers that upload inventory files daily will benefit further by being highlighted in a different color within search result listings.

  1. Spend less like answering stock checks and lead time inquiries
  2. Show up first in the search results with a highlighted listing and the Verified Supplier check mark
  3. You will have the option to sell to End Users in addition to members and receive additional exposure by showing up in public Google searches at no additional charge


Tell me more about selling to End Users through PowerSource Online:

As you know, PowerSource Online is a private marketplace for companies in the industry. End Users are not allowed inside the site and cannot become members. That said, we do have a separate search page where End Users can search inventory (from sellers that want to be seen by them). As a result of our extensive SEO, Google searches typically display PowerSource Online as one of the 1st results for many part/model searches. Because of this we get an enormous amount of End User traffic that we pass along to the sellers on our site that want the additional end users traffic. We do not charge extra for this traffic but we do require that the seller become Verified and show interest in selling to end users before we display their inventory on the public side.


How does a seller become Verified?

Certification is FREE for suppliers – but only those with stock in hand are eligible for certification. Suppliers will need to upload an inventory file at least once every 4 days to keep their certification active. To become a Verified Supplier, simply complete, sign, notarize and return our Verified Supplier Certification form. Upon approval, you can update your supplier profile and benefit from Verified Supplier status. As a Verified Supplier, you will also enjoy additional benefits as stated previously. If you want to become a Verified Supplier please contact support@powersourceonline.com or contact your Account Manager directly at 855-875-6320.


How do you verify that the Verified Suppliers actually stock their inventory?

Our Verified Supplier program is ultimately based on the honor system but we also conduct physical or online spot checks to ensure that suppliers are following the Verified Supplier Certification agreement. If a Verified Supplier is found to be misrepresenting their inventory they will receive a warning, suspension, or if necessary will be permanently removed from the program.