February 2014

Japanese Computer Makers Enhancing Big Data Services

Japanese Computer Makers Enhancing Big Data Services

By The Associated Press

OKYO, Nov. 25 (Kyodo) — Major Japanese computer makers including Fujitsu Ltd. and NEC Corp. are enhancing their respective services for Big Data, or data collected very rapidly in large volumes from a variety of sources.

Since Big Data services are seen as limitless and expected to achieve high growth, the companies are offering various services to corporate clients and local governments, their officials said.

The government-backed Development Bank of Japan has projected that Japan’s Big Data services market will expand from 526.9 billion yen in fiscal 2012 to 1.12 trillion yen in fiscal 2015 ending March 2016.

Fujitsu has launched a full-fledged service for manufacturers to predict plant equipment breakdowns by analyzing massive amounts of data from sensors on plant equipment, a senior company official said.

Comparison of normal and actual operational data will allow manufacturers to detect signs of potential breakdown and conduct timely maintenance.

Fujitsu also plans to promote Big Data analysis services for local governments, the official said.

The Hamamatsu municipal government in Shizuoka Prefecture will use Fujitsu‘s Big Data analysis technology to map out a new municipal development program starting in the year from April 2015. Opinions contributed to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites will be analyzed and reflected in the program.

“We are trying to boost Big Data service sales to 200 billion yen in fiscal 2015,” the Fujitsu official said.

NEC plans to start a new service for retailers next spring that will use weather, customer, sales and other data to predict product sales and automatically order optimum volumes of specific products.

It will launch the retailer-support and three other new Big Data services then, bringing the total number of Big Data services to 12.

NEC intends to triple Big Data service sales from the present level to 100 billion yen in fiscal 2015. “Unique data analysis technology is our strength,” said a senior NEC official.

Among other Japanese computer makers, Hitachi Ltd. is providing around 100 Big Data services in areas such as health care and transportation in fiscal 2013, a company official said.