November 2013

Storage Visions Conference 2014

2014 Storage Visions Conference to Feature Digital Storage, HEVC and Cloud Based Collaboration for an Exabyte World


Tom Coughlin, SV Conference Organizer and President of Coughlin Associates


The 2014 Storage Visions Conference®, January 5 & 6, 2014 in Las Vegas will include keynote talks by Rovi, Sony and SanDisk.  At the Storage Visions Conference you will find out about the latest trends in storage devices, storage systems, storage architectures and storage applications.   Sessions at SV 2014 focus on:


* Digital Storage for High Resolution Content Capture and Production

* Protection and Recovery of Digital Content

* New Storage Device and Systems Developments

* A Panel Discussion by M&E Professionals about their Uses for Digital Storage

* Digital Storage for Content Delivery

* Developments and Collaboration using Cloud Storage

* Options for Media Content Archiving and Management

* Protecting and Accessing Personal and Business Storage


Speakers and panelists come from companies such as MTI Film, HDS, DDN, Promise Technology, Isilon/EMC, Seagate Technology, SanDisk, DriveSavers, Samsung, Kroll On-Track, Micron, SafeNet, Intel, Microsoft, EMC, HP, IDC,  Qualcomm, Primary Data, Axle Video, Fox Networks, Advantage Video Systems, Aspera, BT Sports, Sanbolic, Skyera, IBM, Crossroads Systems, Quantum, Spectra Logic, Oracle, XenData, Cloud Sigma, Pixspan, SwiftStack, NanoTech Entertainment, Daystrom, Dell, Synapse Design, Diablo Technologies, Calypso Systems, Netgear, Bitcasa and Drobo and many others.   You can see the details conference agenda at:


With the arrival of 4K video today, and talk of 8K content in less than a decade, digital storage and bandwidth demand for consumers as well as professional media and entertainment are growing.   The production of the movie Avatar in 2009 resulted in the creation of over a petabyte (PB) of digital content, the vast majority of which has been retained and archived for possible re-use or for content preservation reasons.  Within 10 years the total content created for a single high-end movie project could approach 1 Exabyte (1,000 PB).


Figure 1 shows a schematic of a video post-production workstation showing the various digital storage sources available for modern non-linear editing.  In a survey conducted for the 2013 Digital Storage in Media and Entertainment Report we found:

  • 87.3% had DAS (compared to 92% in 2012)

Over 88% of these had >1 TB of DAS (up from 78% in 2012)

18.3% of these had >50 TB of DAS storage, and over 7% had >500 TB of DAS storage

  • 70.9% had NAS or SAN (compared to 53.8% in 2012)

57.8% had 50 TB or more of NAS storage

About 11% had more than 500 TB of NAS/SAN storage

  • 24.7% of 2013 Survey participants said that they use cloud-based storage in their post production (15% in 2012) and 23% of these had >1TB of cloud storage (27% in 2012)


Figure 1. Professional Post Production Schematic Workstation


As shown in Figure 2,  Coughlin Associates projects that digital storage demand for video post-production will grow considerably and include a growing amount of content in the cloud to facilitate collaborative workflows.


Figure 2.  Post-Production Annual Digital Storage Demand



This is why the theme of the 2014 Storage Visions Conference is:  Fast is Beautiful, but Size Matters.  At SV 2014 you will meet fellow media and entertainment professionals from outfits like Axle Video, BT Sports, Fox Networks, MTI Film, Sony and many other companies as well as storage vendors eager to talk with you about your digital storage needs.


Corporate Sponsors and Exhibitors for SV 2014 include: Aspera, Dell, Diablo Technologies, Drive Savers, Drobo, Oracle, Parks Associates, Pure Storage, Samsung, SanDisk Corporation, SATA-IO, SNIA, SNIA SSSI, Synapse Design and Spectra Logic. Organization and media sponsors include: Alien Babel, AVSystems Magazine, Burn World, Computer Outlook, Coughlin Associates, Createsphere, Davis Consulting Asia, DCIA, Digital Production Buzz, Drive Pop, FCIA, Flash Memory Summit, HDDFA, HomeToys, IDC, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, IEEE Consultants Network of Silicon Valley, Media and Entertainment Tech, MediaTech, MESA, MESS, Objective Analysis,, PostPerspective, PowerSrouce Online, PriceG2, RDC, SMPTE, Storage Review,, Storage Productions Association, St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, STA, TechReleased, TechTarget, The Shindler Perspective, the Trusted Computing Group, The Shindler Perpective, TweakTown and UCSD.


Conference registration is open  and you can get a $100 discount on early registration at: The Travel Page on the web site is: gives information on reserving one of our discounted hotel rooms in our conference room block.