November 2013

Big Data & Analytics: You don’t want one without the other

Big Data & Analytics: You don’t want one without the other

By Jeff Jedras


LAS VEGAS – IBM Corp. is making the pitch for big data and analytics to a largely receptive audience at its Information on Demand conference this week. And the business and IT professionals with deep investments in IBM software and hardware in attendance are probably as receptive as audience as Big Blue is going to find.

A number of IBM executives urged companies to adopt a data culture within their organizations. To borrow a phrase, companies were encouraged to become one with the data. Becoming more data-centric and data savvy, said Robert LeBlanc, senior vice-president of middleware software in IBM’s software group, will allow organizations to become more client-centric.

“You have to be insight driven. Embrace the data, don’t fight the data,” said LeBlanc. “It’s really valuable and will give you insight into business and clients you’ve never had before. And it will allow you to forge deeper relationships.”

He points to research that 75 per cent of market growth leaders citied value from analytics as a key growth driver.

“If you want to be an outperformer, you’re really going to have to do it with big data and analytics,” said LeBlanc.

And it does need to be both big data and analytics said Wes Hunt, vice-president of customer analytics at insurance company Nationwide. Since 2008, Hunt has been overseeing a focused analytic agenda based on understanding and measuring critical moments in the customer journey.