April 2013

Supplies Network Launches Training Videos


Saint Louis, MO – Supplies Network, the leading provider of Managed Print Services, Hardware and IT consumables in the United States, is excited to announce their new exclusive training video series for MyPrinterManager.com.

MyPrinterManager.com is Supplies Network’s online portal where, with the click of a button, dealers can view everything they need to know about their customer’s print environment. This portal gives dealers the ability to utilize features like the Dealer Customer Dashboard, a sales funnel tool listing details and status on all active contracts and prospect opportunities, view all devices under management with current supply levels and tracking of upcoming and previous shipments as well as manage service tickets and CPI invoicing. The site also provides a highly functional on-demand Executive Summary Report; an exclusive feature that facilitates customer reviews, allowing dealers to input actionable data and reporting about their customer’s print environment.

This innovative online portal now offers training videos specifically for dealers to educate and refresh their knowledge of the services and reports provided on MyPrinterManager.com. These educational videos allow seamless, on-demand training for any current dealers as well as any new sales representatives. Along with the educational videos developed for dealers, Supplies Network also created versions of the videos targeted toward their customers. These videos can be uploaded to the dealer’s website and/or emailed to their customers.

“Managing customer printing environments involves multiple moving parts with hundreds of details, algorithms, data, communication and logistics. MyPrinterManager.com is a powerful tool that allows our resellers to deliver a professional experience to their end-users that is easy to access and navigate. The launch of these training videos is the next step to enable our resellers to drive sales, maximize profit and provide an excellent customer experience.” – Sarah Custer, MPS Solutions Manager

If you’re interested in learning more about MyPrinterManager.com, please contact your MPS Solutions Advisor: 800-775-5056

About Supplies Network

Supplies Network is the largest privately owned wholesaler of IT consumables in the U.S.  An early innovator of Managed Print Services, the company leverages top industry talent, a robust IT-development team with experience in packaging SaaS services, and relationships with all segments of the print-provider value chain including major supplies manufacturers and dealers. In addition to being a leader in print management, Supplies Network specializes in IT supplies, equipment and data storage media from 70 leading manufacturers. One- and two-day UPS ground delivery is available to 99% of the U.S. population. To speak with a sales representative, visit www.suppliesnetwork.com or call 800-729-9300.


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