March 2013

Transform 2013

Transforming to a Services-Led Organization. Are You Ready?

Transformation is marked by a dramatic change in form or appearance—an absolute metamorphosis.

By: Ed Crowley, CEO, Photizo Group

The imaging industry has been shifting toward a services-led business model for the past several years. Beyond a mere alteration, total business transformation is powerful and imperative. The transition from product-led to services-led businesses doesn’t mean abandoning products or technology.  The difference is that a services-led company may or may not combine a product with the services—and the product may or may not be one that the company manufactures.

Product-led companies sell products and then offer services as an optional “value add” to complement the product. In these companies, services are generally deemed to have less value than products. In fact, these firms will often give away services in order to capture a product sale.

A service-led company upends this model. The core value is built around services—something that’s not easily turned into a commodity. The model is diametrically opposed to the traditional strengths and culture of product-led companies. In the product-led world, competitive advantage comes from research and design of compelling product features; achieving lower manufacturing costs; or identifying better methods of product distribution.

Photizo’s Transform events offer the education and relationships needed to make this transformation. Photizo wants attendees to get ahead of the transformation and be successful. For the global event in Scottsdale, AZ, which will take place on May 6-9, 2013, Photizo has expanded the tracks beyond just managed print services (MPS) and into a complete overview of the industry. This year, content will be focused into three tracks: The Core (hardware, supplies, and traditional business); Today (MPS); and Tomorrow (digital workflow and electronic documents).

While MPS is still an important part of the transformation we are seeing, there is a future beyond it. The way people do business is changing, workers are now untethered, mobile printing is the norm, and cloud-based software is floating through every office.  At the global conference, attendees will be able to engage in sessions such as “The Importance of Mobility in the Future of Print” and “The Future of Data-Driven MPS Solutions” and discuss case studies on technology and automation and business process optimization.

This year, attendees will be thrust into the sights, sounds, and technology of the “Office of the Future.” Envision the workflow pavilion, bustling with innovation and emblematic of the futuristic office advancements that are sweeping the globe. Don’t read about it in six months—see if firsthand in May. Further your own education by receiving Sales Enablement Certification at our workshop presented by AIIM. We promise that attendees will depart from Scottsdale in a frenzy, ready for change. In the past, attendees have asked that we continue to present them with challenges—to expand the content level beyond MPS and into an expansive, yet focused overview—and we haven’t taken that request lightly.

Business Performance Expert Ryan Estis will be this year’s keynote speaker. “Passion on Purpose: Turning Corporate Culture into a Competitive Advantage” will review the very essence of cultivating a high-engagement, high-performance work culture, while elevating understanding around the needs and expectations of the modern day workforce. Total transformation lies in businesses embracing chance and the complexities in a new, challenging economy, while not neglecting workforce trends and the impact of emerging technologies on communications. Estis’ presentation will power into these aspects.

Within the exhibit area will be the new “Office of the Future” section, which will include technology demonstrations. Vendors will display their products in this section, including applications such as digital workflow.

Attendees of our past conferences have consistently stated that there are three things they get from the events. First and foremost, Transform is a strong education environment. Instead of vendor pitches, the focus of the workshops and the conference itself is on content and helping companies transform. The sessions are relevant to both resellers and software companies and help these firms to determine what they can do to transform their businesses in this new environment.

After education is networking, and part of networking is deal making. One comment that I frequently hear about our events is, “I wish there was more time, because I end up spending almost the entire time in meetings, getting deals done.”

Attendees are torn between getting the education and getting deals done. Transform is a place where people come to do business and solidify relationships. That’s powerful for both the resellers and OEMs. This is the only forum that brings everyone together. It’s not just for manufacturing companies, not just for software vendors, not just for OEMs, not just for resellers, not just for managed service providers—it’s for everybody. More than half of the attendees are from the channel. Typically, about 20-25 percent of the attendees are from the software, supplies, and financing side of the community, while 25 percent are from the OEM side, including dealers.

Transform offers many networking opportunities, during the breaks, in the exhibition hall, and during the sessions. Leverage those opportunities. I’m encouraging people to keep some time open because if you schedule back-to-back meetings, you might miss out on some new opportunities.

Photizo has a Transform mobile app that identifies the sessions being offered, allows you to set up your own agenda for these sessions, and lets you see who the other attendees and speakers are. There will be so many people at the event and there will be so much activity that we encourage people to schedule meetings in advance.

Our sponsors include Great America Financial Services, LMI Solutions, OKI, Printfleet, Ricoh, SmartPrint, and Xerox, and we will be adding more. We will have up to 45 exhibitors, including Breezy, Digital Gateway, ECI Solutions, Newfield IT, and Preton. Last year, we sold out the exhibit area, and we expect to do so again this year.

The AIIM workshop is a great deal. Attendees can network, see live demonstrations of applications, and learn about what is going on in the supplies industry and what is happening with hardware pricing. They will also learn about the direction the industry is taking and how to apply what is going on in today’s market to the future.

Last year, I had a conversation with the CEO of a large office technology dealership.  He told me that he goes to a lot of these events and that most of them are grade-school level compared to Transform, which is grad-school level.

If there is one event you cannot miss, it is Transform Global. We have cut through the nonsense and will be providing you with only the best information. Join us in Scottsdale and begin your journey to total transformation.

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