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AIT Partnership Group Leverages Award-Winning Data Center Management Solution to Limit UK Customers’ Data Interruptions and Maximize Processing Efficiencies

Edison, N.J. – Expanding its global reputation as a market leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)FieldView Solutionstoday announced a new partnership agreement with UK-based AIT Partnership Group Ltd (AIT).  AIT will leverage the company’s award-winning solution, FieldView, to help enterprises streamline data center management processes – ensuring uptime, reducing energy costs, and boosting efficiency.

Headquartered in the UK, AIT is a leading provider of specialist technical knowledge and system integration services for data center facilities and wireless/network infrastructures.  The company offers a broad range of services to customers – from data center design and infrastructure management to network switching and wireless LANs.  Customers include some of Europe’s largest retail, airline, and telecommunications companies.

“Rising energy costs and new regulations to reduce power consumption highlight the need for advanced data center management,” said Andrew Gibson, Director of Data Center Services, AIT.  “We’re finding our customers are not only asking for effective data center management solutions, they’re demanding it.”

Initially, AIT explored using BMS (Building Management Systems) to fit customers’ needs, but the technology was severely limited and proved difficult to automatically and holistically, unify the data needed to make informed decisions.  AIT also found BMS too restrictive for integrating the wide range of interfaces required in comprehensively monitoring modern data center infrastructures.

“Something was clearly missing.  We simply weren’t able to close the gap that linked facilities and IT management – which is key to driving efficiency.  This made it increasingly difficult for our customers to keep uptime high and energy costs down,” Gibson added.

After exploring several options, AIT found FieldView as an answer to their data center management issues.  The FieldView platform presented a non-proprietary and vendor-neutral solution, allowing the company to automatically extract data from multiple systems and devices and present it within a single web-based view.

“DCIM helps limit service interruptions and maximize assets, physical space, as well as cooling and energy costs,” noted Gibson.  “FieldView is a true DCIM solution, helping to effectively solve the most difficult challenges when managing both facilities and IT.”

“AIT has a well-known reputation, throughout Europe, as a trusted source for data center management to many of the largest UK businesses and multinationals,” said Fred Dirla, Chief Executive Officer, FieldView Solutions.  “Their commitment to customer service and technical expertise reflects FieldView Solutions’ business; we look forward to a developing a strong relationship that will benefit many European companies.”

For additional information, please contact FieldView Solutions at (732) 395-6920 or via email at  For DCIM industry insight, follow FieldView Solutions on their blogTwitterYouTubeGoogle+, or join FieldView DCIM Professionals on LinkedIn.

About AIT Partnership Group 

Formed in 2002 by a dedicated team of industry experts, AIT Partnership Group Ltd is a leading provider of specialist technical knowledge and system integration services for IT and facilities infrastructure solutions. AIT provides the world’s leading companies with solutions that combine best of breed technology with industry leading technical services and expertise.  Solutions are delivered through three divisions:

  • Control: Data Centre Infrastructure Management solutions
  • Connect: Wireless Networking & Security Solutions; WLAN, Mobile Device Management, BYOD, Fast low latency Point-to-Point Links
  • Communicate: Video, USB & Audio switching and distribution for Broadcast Suites, Control Rooms and Trading Floors

AIT’s complete service offering includes solution design and specification, project management, installation, support and maintenance. Using in house software development teams benefiting from unrivalled experience in integrating systems AIT can customise solutions to add value to the world’s best technology. This means that your investment in technology pays for itself by delivering real benefits to your business. For more information, visit

About FieldView Solutions

FieldView Solutions provides managers of today’s complex, mission-critical data centers and Co-Lo facilities with browser-based, scalable software tools that deliver a real-time view into all aspects of data center infrastructure management (DCIM). The company’s flagship product, FieldView, has helped data center IT and facilities operations professionals in many of the largest data centers including six of the top 10 banks, two of the five top technology providers, and 12 of the largest Co-Lo facilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia/Pacific since 2006 – managing 1.5 Gigawatts.  The FieldView Solutions team is comprised of industry professionals with demonstrated experience in both the design and operation of data centers and the development of technology platforms that service them.  FieldView Solutions meets the needs of a broad range of users, up to the largest-scale global corporate clients. For more information, visit


SAIT Polytechnic  Student Trio Out to Prove Talk is Indeed Cheap

A business hatched by three tech-savvy students at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta Canada aims to deliver free residential long distance phone service.

Calgary residents can sign up now with Synqh Telecom ( for free calling from cell phones and land lines to anywhere in Canada, the US and India. Plans are underway to expand to the cities of Edmonton and Vancouver.

The venture was sparked when the students teamed up for the final project in their two-year Information Technology program — Telecom Systems major. The project sees students tackle an issue through applied research.

For Sutej Bath, Gurbinder Jassal and Gurtej Rai, the cost of calls home to India was a common interest. Using their knowledge of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) gained through their SAIT studies, they decided to make that their project — and save themselves some long distance dollars, to boot.

Turning their talents into a business wasn’t in the picture at the outset. That came after their instructors saw the potential and encouraged them to run with it.

How it works

Registered users dial a local access number provided by Synqh. From there, they connect to their destination number.

The appeal to customers?

“You’re not tied into any contract; you’re good to go,” says Bath.

Before the call goes through, users must listen to a 15-second commercial. And that’s where the business end comes in.

Synqh’s approach is gaining interest from prospective advertisers, Bath says. “Television ads play to everyone, whether they’re interested or not. With us, you can target your advertising to your demographic.”

Industry eager to hire

Today’s technology-driven world offers plenty of scope for SAIT’s Telecom Systems graduates who have a bent toward running their own business: the start-up of Synqh Telecom is one example. Other graduates of the program this spring will be headed into a well-paid and flourishing job market eager to tap their skills.

“Industry demand far exceeds the number of graduates we can supply,” says Wes Jamieson, an instructor in the SAIT program. SAIT’s training labs model industry standards. Keeping in close contact with industry is also crucial.

“We adjust the program every year in response to industry advancements,” says Jamieson.

And as the industry is changing rapidly, Jamieson says it’s an exciting career field.

“In 20 years, we’ve gone from mechanical to digital. It’s continuous learning; there’s something new every day. It’s great for someone who wants to physically work with their hands but doesn’t want the same thing every day.”

Jamieson says the final project — and the resources SAIT devotes to involving students in applied research — puts SAIT’s program in a league of its own.

“Students get so motivated and excited, and it shows in the quality of the projects. They’re world-class,” he says.

Graduates can also transfer their diploma to SAIT’s Bachelor of Applied Technology Information Systems as well as other degree programs at institutions across Canada and internationally.

SAIT Polytechnic, located in Calgary, Alberta, is one of Canada’s most exciting destinations for post-secondary education, offering career programs that position people for success by providing learning experiences that are relevant, skills-oriented, and applied in the real world. Over the last five years SAIT graduates have enjoyed an employment rate of 97 per cent.