March 2013

End of Life Nightmares

End of Life Nightmares!

(This Very Minute, they could be happening to you.)

It’s happening all the time. Dozens of reputable companies like yours are proactively taking every precaution against online hackers and laptop thieves while the real threat is totally being ignored. Countless businesses today suffer from a lack of formal IT asset disposal policies. As a result, many of their discarded hardware winds up for sale on eBay or in some local PC shop with critical, sensitive data readily available and waiting to fall into the wrong hands!

A Gartner Inc. survey revealed that nearly 80% of companies said that “managing data security and privacy risks” were very important or most important when disposing of obsolete hardware. Yet, corporate behavior proves otherwise. A whopping 30% admitted they had no policy for ensuring the security of used equipment such as idle, off lease, or end of life assets. Imagine ultra sensitive company financials, credit card numbers, medical records, confidential emails or employee and client data becoming prey for identity theft, fraud, blackmail and corporate espionage. More important, this kind of leakage can also trigger lawsuits and fines for breaking state or federal laws, not to mention damaging headlines in newspapers. Serious laws like the Fair and Credit Transaction Act of 2003, Gramm-Leach Bliley Act or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandate you to become compliant.

There is a secure, compliant, effective solution…Guardian Data Destruction. One of the first companies to provide a mobile on-site remedy assisting you with all your data destruction needs.

Our mobile IT lab arrives at your headquarters and is capable of sanitizing over 300 hard drives or shredding up to 3000 hard drives in just one day, eliminating all risk of in-transit and end-of life data leakage. What’s more, GDD offers a wide range of other transportation and asset disposition solutions as well including:

  • On Site Hard Drive Shredding
  • On Site Enterprise Data Erasure
  • Transportation and Logistics Services
  • On Site Hard Drive Degaussing
  • On Site Hard Drive Erasure
  • E Waste Recycling and Remarketing

Don’t risk experiencing an “End of Life Nightmare”. Contact Guardian and let us “set our wheels in motion” delivering best-in-class data destruction services right to your doorstep. 888.556.WIPE (9473) •