December 2012

PowerSource Online Enhancements

PowerSource Online Enhances Inventory Match, Inventory Uploads, and XML Search Tool

By: PowerSource Online

PowerSource Online is pleased to announce the recent launch of some great new features designed to enhance your experience on the network. Here are some details regarding the updates:

Inventory Match Email

This recently added feature gives you the option to receive inventory matches directly in your email inbox rather than having to pull a report online, making it easier than ever to keep tabs on your inventory activity.

Inventory Match Features:

  • Obtain information about searches performed by other companies that match your Inventory line items or Want to Sell broadcasts
  • Find out who searched for your items, view your top searched manufacturers and the frequency or time of your inventory matches
  • View detailed reports of inventory matches by Part Number, Manufacturer, Company, Keyword and Want to Buy Exact Match

For your convenience, the Inventory Match email can be activated with a simple click while you are within the Inventory Match section of

Inv Match Email

XML Search Update

With the goal of enhancing your sourcing experience, we have also made improvements to the XML Search feature.

In addition to standard inventory items, the XML search tool will now show Want to Sell Broadcasts when you perform a relevant query.

XML Search can be set up on your backend system and gives you the ability to:

  • Have unlimited search capabilities
  • Perform complex search result filtering
  • Customize the search results to appear the way you want

New Inventory Upload Method

In addition to the current inventory upload methods which include uploading manually online via the Advertising Zone Section, emailing your inventory to, dropping your file into our FTP folder, or automated uploads through IQ Reseller and Makor Recycling Manager, you are now able to upload your inventory via URL.

If you have a URL location for your inventory, you can now provide that to us for daily or weekly automatic uploads.

If you have any questions, would like a demo of the new features, or if you are not currently taking advantage of our inventory listing capabilities or XML search feature, please contact us today. Our support team can help you gain new efficiencies in your operations, set yourself apart from your competitors and increase your profits!

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