December 2012

Growing Government Business

Grow your Government Business: Opportunities Delivered

By: Kim Cullen, Bidnet

Do you currently respond to Government issued RFPs or RFQs? Are you thinking about expanding your business to local, state and even federal government opportunities? The government spends billions of dollars each year with vendors across hundreds of categories. The Technology Budget for the US Federal Government for the current fiscal year, including IT and Telecom hardware, software and services, is $78.9 billion. Local governments such as counties, municipalities and school districts as well as all 50 state budgets increase the IT and Telecom business opportunities tremendously. Responding to RFPs take time… finding the opportunities that are a fit for your business should be simple. This article will dive deeper into how you can easily amass all opportunities from local, state and federal agencies looking to spend on IT and telecom hardware and services.

Multiple sources for bidding information exist… government agency websites, newspapers and contract reporters, electronic data feeds and downloads. The time and resources needed to go through each local newspaper, government website, etc, especially if your business works nationally and/or within multiple states- would eat into your businesses profits. Companies selling technology hardware, software or services want a simpler way to be alerted of government opportunities. There are many services out there that offer federal, state and/or local bid opportunities available within one website. Some sites focus specifically on federal bids, others on a specific category such as construction, etc. Knowing what your company needs from a service and what types of opportunities you are looking for is important before joining any government alert service.

Across the Nation

If your company is looking to respond to federal and state opportunities with some local opportunities available as well, BidNet provides you with the critical targeted information that meets your business needs, with daily notification of government opportunities and business intelligence matched to your specific IT or Telecom (or both) specialty. BidNet’s services are geared towards companies that deal with government either nationally and/or within multiple states. BidNet’s research team monitors, identifies, and evaluates bid opportunities and government information from more than 87,000 government agencies so bids remain relevant even as the industry changes. The information is published and delivered based on your company’s criteria. As a BidNet client your company will be able to find active government opportunities, become aware of upcoming government contracts yet to be released and access market and competitive intelligence. The volume of opportunities available within the IT and Telecom sectors on BidNet varies from day to day as the information is real-time and based on the opportunities currently open/active. BidNet processes hundreds of thousands of Federal, State & local opportunities each year, and fully 10% of our yearly content falls under IT related NIGP codes. Recently closed opportunities included:

  • County of Los Angeles, CA: Networking- VoIP DPSS PBX Replacement which included over 500 Cisco phones, parts and VoIP service.
  • City of Hampton, VA: Telecommunications Services NIGP Code: 915-79 which included Avaya, Emerson Liebert, Sentinel CM and other OEMs equipment needed.
  • Ohio Public Employees Retirement System: HP Laptop Replacement Order which included replacing 100 laptops and docking stations (end of life) equipment.
  • District of Columbia Retirement Board: Information Technology Support Services including Security, Network Administration, Server Administration and Storage Systems.

If you would like to see a sample of what is available today in the form of government opportunities related specifically to your business, please request a market analysis from BidNet.

A More Local Approach

There are Local Bid Systems set up across many states that bring together county, municipality and school district opportunities only. If you are interested in getting started working with the government and/or only sell locally, this may be a better solution for your company. Interactive Procurement Technologies by BidNet (IPT) currently supports over 8,600 local government agency departments within 12 statewide systems. Empire State Purchasing Group (comprised of 140 local New York agencies), The Michigan MITN System, Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (Colorado & Wyoming), Texas Bid System, Florida Bid System are among its most active online bid systems. Again, the open opportunities are updated within real time on all of IPT’s Bid Systems. Vendors receive real-time notification of solicitations, addenda and awards related to your business type from local government agencies. The Government Agency is in charge of publishing the opportunity and any addendums directly on the bid system which immediately alerts its vendors.

Vendor are required to register online to gain access to thousands of local open, closed and awarded opportunities within each bid system. On the Empire State Purchasing Group (NY), for example, there have been over 26,000 Formal Bid Solicitations published along with over 15,000 quote solicitations. In addition to RFPs and RFQs available to local vendors, many local government agencies also sell their used equipment and machinery online using the IPT surplus auction tool.

Whether your company is just getting started in responding to RFPs or responds to RFPs on a national level, having the opportunities delivered to you each day is the most cost efficient way of doing business with the government. Hardware, software, IT services, Recycling, Transportation and more… the government is looking for what your company offers.