November 2012

Srion CRM Enterprise Level Solutions

Srion CRM Enterprise Level Solutions 

Traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions do a good job tracking email activity or phone call activity. A few solutions add in the ability to track quotes and a few others enable product integration. Some of these solutions allow companies to run the software from external servers and other solutions must be downloaded and installed on a company’s server network.

At Srion, we have tried to build a solution that starts at the Marketing solution and ends at the accounting integration module. Then we enhanced our solutions to fill in the gaps and provide a solution that enabled invoicing, warehouse management, product integration, bin cycle counts, sales commission reporting, web site integration, bar code printing, shipping, receiving, purchasing, and so many other modules that should be included in any business software solution.

The president of Srion (Mark Hembree) spent many years of his professional career designing systems that integrated with accounting systems or invoicing systems. Yet, no one solution was a great fit for each company. Companies have always had to “settle” for whatever solution fit the majority of their needs. Most of the time, if a company found a 50% fit for their needs, they would purchase the product. In the long run, companies generally go through three to four different software packages before they decide to “settle” on one product.

Business Schools across the country split out CRM solutions from the other Enterprise Solutions. However, Srion has placed the CRM solution as the basis of their entire solution. The premise is simply based around the CUSTOMER! By placing the customer at the beginning of every sales point, every “touch” of that customer must be available each and every time anyone speaks with the customer on any topic. If that is not the premise for a sales and marketing solution, part of every customer becomes missing.

Imagine the shipping manager not being able to see that a shipment was delayed because the customer requested the delay. Imagine the customer support clerk not having access to the ship date of the last order. Imagine the collection department not having access to the open orders within the invoicing solution. EACH of these issues are addressed by having a single solution for each person who has the potential to “touch” the most important asset a company has – the customer!

Sales Force and Marketing Solutions

SrionCRM comes built with internal email marketing campaigns. These campaigns are simple and built with idea of the non-technical person using the system. Campaigns are designed around the needs of each user and customer. These campaigns can be used to send emails out to territorial accounts, sales rep based selection, or any of the other selection criteria built into the look-up process within SrionCRM. These same processes can be used to generate internal phone campaigns.

In addition to the marketing campaigns, SrionCRM comes with built-in Workflow processes designed to insure each account is handled in methods appropriate to each customer. Templates used by this Workflow process make sure each automated response is personalized to each account.

When marketing turns into opportunities, historical information becomes important. Many opportunities are lost because of incomplete or ineffective follow up. Srion has built-in, user defined alerts which can be set up to alert managers and co-workers in the event an opportunity has gone “stale”.

Web Site Auto Responders

With simple web site instructions, SrionCRM is able to send auto-responders that meet a potential customer’s needs. When a web site visit turns into a request for additional information, web site data can be captured and an appropriate response can be sent to the web site visitor. In addition to the auto-responder, the visitor’s information is reviewed and optionally entered into SrionCRM’s database. Alerts can be sent out to specific users to enable the appropriate follow up response.

Srion On-Site Solutions versus Managed Solutions

Many sales organizations have internal networks already implemented within their business, while smaller sales departments do not have any on-site support. SrionCRM will fit into either of these businesses. Srion’s self-managed solution turns over the day-to-day management of the solution to the internal IT support. We work with these people to set-up, install and configure SrionCRM to operate within the constraints of the local IT infrastructure. While a Managed Solution allows a business to take advantage of Srion’s external servers. These servers are located around the country and are safe and secure within professionally managed data centers.

Software Modifications

No two companies are exactly the same. Even if they sell the same product, different companies operate in different manners. SrionCRM has many different configurations available. Along with those different configurations, SrionCRM has many internal switches to force the software to conform to the different manners a company operates in.

However, in the event a specific modification is needed, Srion will make every attempt to allow users to operate in the most efficient manner possible. This is accomplished by changing the internal programs being used by SrionCRM. Our developers work with each company to ensure the company has the best solution for their business.

Conversion of existing data

Most CRM solutions are complex and store data in many different formats. When SrionCRM is installed at a company, every attempt is made to move data from older systems into SrionCRM. Obviously, some data cannot be moved. However, our developers make every effort to insure data is properly and accurately moved into our databases. Simple imports are built into our solution while other conversions are an added cost.

Accounting Integration

Srion offers simple integration with Quickbooks without additional charges. More extensive integrations can be added on a case-by- case basis. Other accounting systems can be utilized to handle the accounting functions of the system. Many of these systems have integration processes defined and can be implemented on the “back-end” of SrionCRM.

Partner Programs

Srion is always looking for partners to help distribute our systems throughout the industry. Our programs are customized to the needs of each sales firm. We can set-up a referral program or a complete re-occurring revenue stream program. Our web site ( contains the appropriate forms needed to start the partner process.


SrionCRM is priced according to the number of users that log into the system on a monthly basis. Annual or semi-annual pricing is also available.

To inquire about the current pricing of SrionCRM or to ask about any of our other services, do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 813-265-3500 or by email or by visiting our web site