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By: PowerSource Online Identifies Top Tech Trends for 2013 in Honor of National Techies Day

Trends highlight changes to the role of information technology professionals

MINNEAPOLIS, MN –– Advancements in technology not only impact business productivity, budget, and a company’s ability to compete, they also shift the job functions of information technology (IT) professionals. For instance, according to Forrester Consulting1, 72 percent of today’s enterprise executives are battling escalating threats to IT, leaving IT professionals with more security-focused tasks. In honor of National Techies Day, has named four tech trends for 2013 that demonstrate how the role of IT professionals may change.

“The new year will bring innovative advancements in technology that will drive the evolution of IT,” said Rick Dykhoff, Director of Channel Sales at “These trends have the potential to change the role of IT professionals, as well as improve business productivity when implemented properly.”’s top tech trends for 2013 include

1.    The spread of fourth-generation (4G) and 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology

According to a 2012 report from market research firm IHS iSuppli2, wireless carriers expect spending for LTE technology to reach $24.3 billion in 2013. As 4G technology replaces 3G technology, organizations will be able to equip workers with mobile devices that can better handle activities such as videoconferencing. 4G will also allow information to be sent more quickly and at a lower cost. This has the ability to improve productivity, because workers will be able to do more while on-the-go.

2.    The “consumerization of IT”

Today, more than ever, employees are bringing their personal technology to the office; for 2013, it doesn’t seem this trend will lose steam. In fact, a 2012 study from Cisco3 found that 95 percent of the 600 IT and business leaders surveyed allow employee-owned devices in the workplace. Consumerization can actually eliminate some headaches for IT workers, since most consumer technologies are fairly easy to understand and use. Equipping employees with self-supported devices then frees up time for IT workers, allowing them to focus on more proactive, strategic tasks. However, IT professionals will need to ensure employees are using these devices in a secure manner and are in compliance with the company’s IT guidelines.

3.    A growing interest in the cloud

As more businesses look to increase efficiencies and simplify the way in which data and applications are handled and stored, interest and spending in cloud computing has grown significantly. A June 2012 report from Visiongain4, an independent media company, estimates the cloud computing market will be worth approximately $37.9 billion by the end of the year. Cloud computing allows businesses to easily upscale or downscale IT requirements when necessary, freeing IT professionals from time-consuming tasks. Nevertheless, IT professionals may encounter difficulty transitioning to the cloud if their organization uses legacy applications.

4.    A change in IT budgets

According to ComputerWorld’s Forecast 2013, 43 percent of IT organizations expect their IT budgets to increase, compared to 36 percent last year5. Along with this optimism comes a desire to hire IT professionals with specific skills such as programming and application development, project management, and technical support. This means businesses will look for IT professionals to be more focused on creating new technology and software to keep up with competitors. IT leaders who already possess these skills can position themselves as assets to their companies by constraining costs, since head count won’t have to be dramatically increased.

“As with any trend, some organizations will act as early adopters while others are later to the game or choose to ignore a technology movement completely,” added Justin Hadler, Director of Engineering at “In honor of National Techies Day, we wanted to highlight how these trends might affect IT professionals and encourage them to get their business leaders on board with upcoming changes.”

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Founded in 2003, is a global leader in networking hardware, architectures, procurement, and support. Headquartered in Gloucestershire, England with operations across Europe and the U.S., the company provides a valued information technology (IT) partnership to organizations of all sizes.’s team of experienced and distinguished consultants partner with companies to identify, implement, and support advanced network infrastructures that align companies’ technological requirements with their business and economic goals. For more information on the company’s products, services, and solutions, visit








ADTRAN Extends the Reach of Ethernet and Expands Opportunities to Deploy VoIP and Data over Voice Grade Wiring

Businesses can now add up to 100Mbps of data to existing voice-grade wiring and more than triple service reach up to 365 meters

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 4, 2012– ADTRAN®, Inc., (NASDAQ:ADTN), a leading provider of cloud connectivity, enterprise communications and virtual mobility solutions, today announced the introduction of ActivReach™, the industry’s first Ethernet technology to support all grades of wiring, extend service reach over three times beyond the limits of standard Ethernet and deliver high-speed voice, data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) all from a single device. The initial application for ActivReach is in ADTRAN’s new NetVanta® 1535P Gigabit Ethernet switch which enables businesses and service providers maximum flexibility in designing networks across long distances of CAT3, CAT5 and CAT6 cable. This industry-breakthrough capability allows millions of businesses around the world to easily utilize their existing voice-grade wiring infrastructure to access IP-based voice, hosted services, cloud-based unified communications (UC), and deliver data networking speeds at 100Mbps while transitioning their business towards a Gigabit future.

Many older office buildings, schools, retail stores, hotels, hospitals and distribution facilities rely solely on CAT3 or voice-grade cabling infrastructure for their legacy phone systems. However, voice-grade cable is unsuitable for traditional Ethernet, limiting businesses’ ability to take advantage of the latest IP voice and data network capabilities. Traditionally, businesses have been forced to run new cable to enable Voice over IP (VoIP) and cutting-edge UC services. However, with new cabling upgrade costs running at hundreds of dollars per drop, this option becomes cost-prohibitive for many of these companies.

“Our business customers that reside in these older buildings have told us time and time again that re-cabling costs are a significant barrier in their ability to adopt our hosted service offerings. Despite the overall total cost-of-ownership benefits that VoIP can offer them, they back away from the service because the initial investment is just too much,” said Mark Stappenbeck, senior manager of business development for Windstream-Allworx. “ADTRAN’s ActivReach-enabled NetVanta 1535P Gigabit Ethernet switch delivers 100 Mbps over existing cable plant infrastructure, allowing us to offer flawless voice quality without impacting the existing data network. All of our customers can finally take advantage of the complete set of benefits that our hosted VoIP and UC services can offer.”

ActivReach is an ideal solution for a broad variety of industries and verticals, including hospitality. The Best Western Rivertree Inn in Clarkston, Wash., for example, recently completed a hotel expansion which resulted in different communications infrastructure and service capabilities throughout the hotel property—the old wing was only equipped with legacy voice-grade copper while the new wing had CAT3-grade cabling. The innovative design of ADTRAN’s NetVanta 1535P utilizes standard 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet or ActivReach for extended power and connectivity in a variety of cabling environments. This design accommodated and blended the two disparate infrastructures to provide the hotel with a complete solution for flexible data connectivity up to 100Mbps.

“Until recently, we were not able to provide all of the data services that our guests have come to expect from the hotel industry. We needed to provide a consistent guest experience, regardless of which room they were in, and we were unable to do that before,” said Ella Dilling, owner, Best Western Rivertree Inn. “ADTRAN’s ActivReach technology has enabled us to offer high-speed data access across the entire property, while lowering our overall operating expenses for the hotel because we were able to avoid the costly installation of new cable.”

“The NetVanta 1535P with ActivReach is currently the only solution that can realistically provide a path for a Gigabit future while removing the traditional limitations of existing voice-grade wiring,” said Patrick Price, product manager for ADTRAN’s Ethernet Switching product line. “With ActivReach, businesses—regardless of their location, cabling infrastructure or IT budget—will now be able to leverage a cost-effective solution for both voice and desktop connectivity in a way they have not been able to do before.”

The NetVanta 1535P has 24 copper ports and 4 fiber ports for uplinks and stacking. Each copper port can be configured for speeds of 10/100 Mbps in ActivReach mode at distances up to 365 meters (1,200 ft) or standard IEEE 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet at distances up to 100 meters (328 ft). Therefore, infrastructure upgrades can be performed incrementally and the same switch port previously configured for ActivReach can be transitioned to Gigabit networking speeds once new cabling is put in place, maximizing total cost of ownership. List price for the NetVanta 1535P is $4,695 with availability starting in early October 2012. To learn more, please visit


ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment. ADTRAN’s products enable voice, data, video and Internet communications across a variety of network infrastructures. ADTRAN solutions are currently in use by service providers, private enterprises, government organizations, and millions of individual users worldwide. For more information, please visit

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