September 2012

Srion Releases SrionCRM

Srion, LLC releases SrionCRM, an Enterprise Wide, cloud based CRM product.

Tampa, FL 09/20/2012  –  After much anticipation, Srion, LLC has released a software product that combines a company’s sales and marketing efforts with the back office operations. By designing a world class sales automation process and linking that to an even better work flow process, the combination of the two gives a company un-paralleled performance which is centered around the customer.

SrionCRM was developed out of the need for an integrated CRM product that focused on the customer AND provided the back-end modules to capture each and every “touch” that happens with a customer. The system not only captures pre and post sales events, but it reminds customer service personnel of future events that SHOULD happen. It takes advantage of today’s “cloud based” computing systems that allows companies to leverage expensive resources (such as servers and networks) that come with “cloud based” systems.


Srion is a software company that has grown from the needs of small to medium sized business to provide World Class software at reasonable prices. SrionCRM is their central product. This product is priced so a company is able to focus their spending on ROI rather than IT resources. Srion also provides consulting services around SrionCRM. This allows their customers to operate in a manner that fits their business, not modifying their business practices because of the software available. Srion also maintains public servers, but allows their software to be placed on their customer’s internal networks when necessary.

For more information, contact: Mark Hembree, President, Srion, LLC – at 813-265-3500 or For a more extensive review of our products, please review our web site at