September 2012

POWRR Assessment Unlocks Potential

POWRR Assessment Unlocks Woodhull’s True Potential

By: Ken Stewart, Photizo Group

Woodhull, LLC
Woodhull, LLC is an Ohio-based managed print services (MPS) provider. For more than 60 years, Woodhull has provided exceptional local service and support for its customers’ document solutions needs. With a focus on customer service and local accountability, Woodhull prides itself on reliability, relationships, and results.

Prior to engaging Photizo Group to perform the POWRR Assessment, Woodhull was a successful, well-run business. Woodhull had begun its MPS program several years ago. Susie Woodhull, the company’s owner and president, was interested in identifying current program weaknesses, maximizing current investment, and planning for any future investments that may be needed. Woodhull selected Photizo Group to perform the assessment and certification because Photizo is a recognized leader in managed print services and participates in Ricoh’s ChaMPS partner program

“We wanted an independent third party to review our progress to date in developing our MPS program, as we had not seen any current industry benchmarks. In other words, we wanted to know where we stood in relation to the industry standards,” said Woodhull.

After engaging Photizo, Woodhull completed the POWRR Assessment, a comprehensive, 360-degree assessment consisting of data collection and interviews of multiple team members. Woodhull also completed Photizo’s MPS Provider Certification. Both programs provided Woodhull with insight into its MPS practice as well as its broader imaging business. The assessment and certification process consists of four phases:

  • Phase 1 (quantitative): provider on-boarding and data collection;
  • Phase 2 (qualitative): interviews of senior executives, middle management, and select customer-facing team members;
  • Phase 3 (consultative): preparation and delivery of the personalized MPS Success Roadmap ™ detailing tactical attack plans to enhance business performance; and
  • Phase 4 (certification): upon securing a passing score, a sample of the provider’s customer base is surveyed to determine if they would be willing to recommend Woodhull in five key areas.

“Initially, we didn’t know what to expect, but the 360-degree view was important,” according to Woodhull. “As the process began, we guessed it would be detailed because of the information we were asked to supply, but we were unsure how specific and detailed feedback would be.” Woodhull was pleased with the results and listed some key ways that the company benefited from participating in the programs. She said that the company realized that it needed to accelerate its new ERP deployment, avoided additional staff hires, and uncovered an estimated $500,000 in additional opportunities for improvement.

“This process helped us take a step back and look at the whole picture,” Woodhull said. “We hadn’t really done that with our MPS practice, and it was a real wake-up call.” Implementing the recommendations made in the MPS Success Roadmap, the company switched its ERP and will seek to automate key processes, avoid adding staff, and increase its efficiencies across all teams.

Upon Woodhull’s completion of the programs, Photizo Group was able to diagnose the company’s MPS readiness, benchmark its performance against industry standards, and deliver an MPS Success Roadmap. This detailed report provided statistics on the status of Woodhull’s program and specific recommendations regarding how the company could better achieve its goals and maximize investments. Woodhull went on to say that “Through the ERP upgrade, we will be able to automate bandaged processes, free staff time, and recapture an additional one-and-a-half to two [fulltime equivalent] positions.” Also, Woodhull indicated that this move would allow the company’s management team to easily report critical financial and performance data that previously had been difficult to obtain.

Perhaps one of the most revealing benefits of the POWRR Assessment, according to Woodhull, was that it created a “platform for our team to verbalize their frustration regarding processes. The middle management and front-line team member reviews were a critical reason we found value in this process. The process was good for them to be part of and provided good confirmation we were actually on the same page.”

Photizo Group’s POWRR Assessment and MPS Provider Certification are a key combination for today’s provider. They not only offer a new perspective on a company’s overall business and MPS readiness, the provider receives verifiable proof from its customers that it is delivering the intended promise of MPS. “Woodhull was already a highly efficient technology provider with a strong commitment to both its culture and customers,” said Ken Stewart, director of channel analysis for Photizo Group. “This process provided a gauge to test progress in its journey to becoming a managed services provider.”

Finally, Woodhull, LLC achieved certification as a committed provider. This certification is based on its ability to meet or exceed standards set forth in Photizo’s Partner Transformation Program and confirms Woodhull’s leadership position. It also provides third-party validation of its abilities to deliver MPS.

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