July 2012

Serious Good Computer Donation

Our Approach to Serious Good

By: Redemtech

Our Serious Good approach is based on the idea that doing good is also good for business. In doing Serious Good, we follow five basic principles to ensure an optimum computer donation experience:

1. Promote Teamwork
Serious Good provides an innovative opportunity for IT to support broader corporate goals for brand building and corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, IT acting on its own may lack the resources to achieve the maximum benefits of philanthropic donation. The solution – a team approach to Serious Good.

Key stakeholders include:

  • IT, which controls the surplus IT assets
  • CSR and community affairs teams, which are always seeking ways to strategically support philanthropic objectives – and may have funding to underwrite refurbishment costs. CSR professionals are responsible for delivering maximum impact for each dollar spent on philanthropy – and gifts-in-kind of refurbished computers provides a much higher ROI than cash giving.
  • Marketing, which has the resources to maximize the brand-building value of the donation and share this positive story with employees and the community, can help also work with CSR to identify organizations that need technology and align with your company’s overall giving strategy.

2. Maximize return on Surplus Computers
Serious Good reflects our industry-leading approach of delivering the greatest value, with the least amount of risk, for each and every IT asset. Our Portfolio Yield Management team advises customers to determine which computers are best suited for donation. Our proprietary Retrac® system ensures your donated computers are value-appropriately reconditioned and can automatically direct your most valuable assets to resale to optimize the return – and minimize or eliminate the costs – from your donation program.

3. Refurbish to provide a quality gift
Our rigorous refurbishment process ensures that recipients receive a high-quality, fully functional PC with the essential software and peripherals. Refurbishment also helps ensure each donated computer has a productive “second life” to benefit both the recipient and the environment.

Every donated computer is refurbished to the uncompromising standards of a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), including complete data wiping, intensive OEM-level testing, reconditioning, repairs and upgrades. As a MAR, we preinstall genuine Windows 7 or Windows XP Professional and the Microsoft Office suite – essential software with a retail value of approximately $500 – on each computer for only a nominal administrative fee.

To complete the process, each refurbished PC is professionally packaged under our GoodPC℠ brand for a like-new user experience.

4. Offer flexible donation options
To maximize opportunities for Serious Good – and align with corporate social responsibility objectives – we provide comprehensive donation management services to support a giving strategy that is right for your company. Opportunities include:

  • Our Serious Good Donation Partners. We have established relationships with organizations that have an ongoing need for Microsoft Authorized Refurbished computers to support their programs and members. These partners provide a streamlined option for donating surplus computers – along with supporting services – so you can be assured your computers go to Serious Good use and boost your CSR.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Helping low-income families build better lives – http://www.redemtech.com/seriousgood/habitat-for-humanity.aspx
  • TechSoup Global: Helping nonprofits operate at their full potential – http://www.redemtech.com/seriousgood/techsoup-global.aspx
  • Connect2Compete: Creating digital opportunity in underserved communities -http://www.redemtech.com/seriousgood/connect-to-compete.aspx
  • Your Community Partners. If you already have favorite organizations you would like to support through donations, we will facilitate all aspects of the process, including MAR eligibility for deeply discounted software, so you enjoy the benefits of enhanced relationships with your community partners – without the administrative headaches and risks.

Additional ways to extend your involvement in Serious Good include:

  • Collection Programs allow your employees to get involved in community development and charitable giving endeavors by donating their used-yet-useful computers through on-site employee collection events and scheduled drop-offs.
  • Other Giving. We can work with you on other creative options to utilize surplus assets to balance your philanthropic goals with financial objectives including the donation of non-PC equipment, software, remarketing proceeds and more.

5. Ensure your peace of mind through the entire process
We enable you to do Serious Good while ensuring your peace of mind by assuming administrative duties and liabilities associated with the computer donation process. Our approach includes:

  • Managing all details from recovery of your IT assets through processing, packaging and delivery to the donation recipient you specify.
  • Ensuring that all donated computers are tracked to the industry’s highest security standards from pick up through data wiping, refurbishment and delivery.
  • Providing support services to recipients that include our toll-free technical assistance as well as online software support from Microsoft.
  • Providing detailed reporting regarding data erasure to meet your security compliance requirements and donation value so you can to realize the tax and CSR reporting benefits of your donation.
  • Including free takeback with every donated refurbished computer to ensure responsible recycling once they reach end of life – and to mitigate your environmental liability.

For More information on Redemtech’s Serious Good Program, please visit: http://www.redemtech.com/seriousgood/