June 2012

Transforming Surplus IT to Strategic Asset

Serious Good: Transforming Surplus IT to Strategic Asset

By: Redemtech

Serious Good® is an initiative to bring together our customers, partner nonprofits, business and community in an ongoing collaboration to address the digital divide – a growing gap between the digitally enabled and the digitally excluded in American society. Serious Good provides a sustainable solution by helping businesses leverage low-value used computers as strategic assets that enhance the Giving ROI of corporate philanthropy – a key C-level priority for building brands and driving bottom-line results.

People in under served communities, and the organizations that are helping them break cycles of poverty, desperately need basic technology to gain equal footing with mainstream society. Exclusion from digital resources makes it much more challenging for individuals and families to advance in school and careers, access services, maintain social networks, participate in community, the political process and much more.

And nonprofit organizations committed to meeting the needs of society’s under served too often lack basic computers to help them manage operations, extend outreach and improve services.

Donating Computers: The Serious Good Solution

Your surplus corporate IT can be part of the answer by providing quality refurbished computers. Every year, U.S. businesses replace approximately 40 million computers. According to Gartner reports, 75% of these are four years old or less, meaning they have plenty of useful life remaining. Yet more than half are stowed away in warehouses and closets or disposed.

Too often organizations relegate unwanted IT assets to storage or premature recycling because they lack the processes and resources to decommission the equipment properly.

Through a managed asset recovery, refurbishment and donation administration process, you can restore low-value and decommissioned technology to “like-new” condition. When you donate computers, you

  • Bring new life to millions of computers that would go unused or be disposed
  • Transform surplus IT into a strategic investment in community renewal – an asset with productive potential unlike any other surplus property

Some corporations have tried technology donation programs in the past with unsatisfactory results. Barriers to computer donation include concerns about data security, environmental liability, software costs and licensing issues, administrative and end-user technical support and more. A managed, strategic approach provides peace of mind by making the process simple, secure and reliable while ensuring that recipients have reliable computers that help them cross the digital divide.

Our approach also provides a new way for IT to align with the broader goals of the business. Teamwork between IT, CSR and Marketing is critical to success. While IT has a supply of surplus IT to donate, the CSR team can provide insight on the strategic partnerships that best support corporate goals, partnerships and commercial opportunities. Marketing helps increase the CSR value of the donation by spreading the word among employees, the news media and other key audiences. CSR and Marketing may also provide funding to underwrite refurbishment costs.

Through collaboration, companies can achieve the full potential of a donation program – and that’s a Serious Good result.

Serious Good – It’s Good Business

Donating refurbished computers delivers results on the triple bottom line of financial, social and environmental sustainability.

  • Financial. Refurbishment dramatically increases the value of your surplus PCs to generate greater return on assets. Every dollar invested in refurbishing yields a Giving ROI of $5 to $7. Strategic donation can also strengthen or build new customer relationships, providing a commercial benefit to your business.
  • Social. Computer donations enhance corporate social responsibility, which according to studies provides critical competitive advantages for businesses in terms of building brand equity and attracting and retaining customers, employees and strategic partners.
  • Environmental. By refurbishing donated computers, companies extend their useful lifespan and prevent hazardous materials from prematurely entering the waste stream, which greatly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas.

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