June 2012

Safety in the Data Center

Injury and Damage Statistics in The Data Center

By: ServerLIFT Corporation




A blind study was conducted to determine the number of  injuries and damage from dropped equipment that occurs in data centers. Out of the 113 participants, 89 answered that they have worked or interfaced within a data center in the past five years.  Out of the 89 relevant participants, 58 were able to provide information regarding injuries and 67 were able to provide information regarding dropped equipment.

Survey Questions:

In the past 5 Years…

  1. Have you worked in or interfaced with a data center?
  2. How Many Injuries Are You Aware of In Your Data Center?
  3. How Many Times Has Rack-Mounted Equipment Been Dropped In The Data Center?

ServerLIFT attended Interop Las Vegas, one of the IT industry’s leading technology events. This three day event attracts industry leaders from around the world and provides comprehensive look into of all the latest industry innovations and trends.  We conducted an unbiased, blind survey to get a better understanding of the dangers in data centers.

ServerLIFT specialized server handling solutions help reduce the risk of injury and damaged equipment.  Our robust SL-500X ServerLIFT enables single person to safely and effectively lift rack-mounted equipment in the data center environment.