April 2012

IT Vendor Selection

A Vendor in the Haystack

By: Lindsey Williamson, Aventis Systems

The meetings have convened, the budget has been set; now, all you need to do is choose an IT hardware vendor that can accommodate your company’s needs. Easy as pie, right? Not exactly! In fact, selecting an IT hardware vendor can be quite a grim task considering the plethora of options present in today’s marketplace.  Fortunately, the multitude of options puts you in the driver’s seat as you are at liberty to shop around in order to carefully consider who best fits your company’s mold. But, obtaining mission critical equipment often requires timely decisions.  Therefore, when moving forward with your decision, there are number of different factors you might want to consider.

Does a potential vendor offer a warranty on the hardware? In certain respects, you will be putting your business in the hands of an IT vendor, which is why you must be certain that a vendor stands behind their products 110%. Confidence breeds confidence.

Does a potential vendor offer technical support? In the event something does go wrong, a server goes down, or a hard drive does go bad (god forbid!), knowing you can actually get in touch with someone from technical support in a timely fashion is key.  When mission critical equipment fails, you do not have time to wait on hold, thus reviewing vendor’s technical support options could help save your company and your job.

Does a potential vendor offer pre-sales consulting? No matter how big or small your business, individualized attention is not to be overlooked.  You might approach a vendor with a particular solution in mind only to learn there are more efficient, cost-effective options for your particular business.  Be wary of a vendor who is trying to simply make a sale in lieu of meeting your needs.

Is a potential vendor’s mission in line with that of my company? Regardless of what your company believes, finding a vendor whose values align with those of your business will facilitate stronger business relationships. An excellent example of this is the “green movement.” If your company is environmentally conscience, look for possible vendors who sell refurbished hardware or those who recycle parts. Different vendors hold different beliefs, so you are destined to find one whose core values mirror those of your business.

Ultimately, the choice is yours so be sure to weigh your options and choose wisely.  The right IT vendor for you is somewhere in the haystack. 

About Aventis Systems, Inc.

Aventis Systems, Inc. (www.aventissystems.com), located inAtlanta,Georgia, is one of the fastest growing companies in the computer hardware industry. Aventis Systems specializes in Dell and HP lines of servers and storage equipment, as well as Cisco networking equipment. They also offer a full suite of business class workstations, desktops, laptops, and all hardware components necessary for upgrades.

 Aventis Systems’ mission is to build long-lasting relationships with customers by offering an extensive plan designed to cover their IT needs. Included in this plan are comprehensive warranties on all products sold, a knowledgeable sales staff, and an accelerated build time on customized hardware solutions. Aventis Systems’ warranty programs are backed by an in-house technical support team, certified in all product lines, and available to assist customers with any questions they may have.