March 2012

Recycling Best Practices

Leaders in e-Waste Management Meet to Define Best Practices for Electronics Recycling and Reuse

IQPC’s e-Waste Management Summit brings together key industry players to pioneer a way forward for environmental compliance, reverse supply chain logistics and sustainability

Las Vegas, NV – Energy IQ, a division of IQPC, announces the 2nd Annual e-Waste Management Summit, taking place April 30 to May 2, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. The summit provides a platform for OEMs, recyclers and associations to share solutions to pressing issues in electronics recycling, including sessions on how to implement an efficient electronic reuse and recycling program.

With the continued expansion of the Information Age and high consumer demand for the latest cutting edge technology, the need is becoming greater both nationally and internationally to manage the masses of equipment now being discarded or recycled, and to minimize environmentally hazardous disposal processes.

Electronics retailers are helping to define best practices for internalizing the e-Waste value chain through successful take-back programs. In a recent interview, Douglas Smith of Sony USA, noted, “There are times when a fundamental shift is needed, and those that innovate to meet new the challenges will reap the rewards.” Smith goes on to describe how Sony believes sustainability can control costs and improve competitiveness now and in the future. Read the interview in its entirety here:

The e-Waste Management Summit features presentations offering strategies for electronics recycling & reuse, product design, and electronics take-back programs. e-Waste experts from companies including Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Cisco Systems and more will be in attendance as industry stakeholders network and share best practices to pave the way forward for environmental compliance, reverse supply chain logistics, and the next generation of e-waste handling techniques.

Topics on the agenda include:

• International electronic trade
• Material selection & product design
• Multiple manufacturer case studies
• Reverse supply chain logistics
• Methodology and logistics of compliance
• Market based incentives for green design
• Successful take-back programs
• Drivers and inhibitors for the national harmonization of e-cycling
• Access to collection infrastructure

For more information on the e-Waste Management Summit, please visit or contact Ed Oledan, Program Director at

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