March 2012

Recycling & Asset Management Vendors

What to Consider: Selecting the Right Electronics Recycling & Asset Management Vendor

By: Jeremy Olson, Dynamic Recycling

As the sales executive with an R2 & ISO-14001 certified electronics recycling, scrap purchasing, and asset management corporation, I could write all day about why I think Dynamic Recycling should be your e-recycling vendor. I would rather provide you with the appropriate information to conduct your own evaluation/analysis of what to look for in choosing a recycler that is the right fit for your organization’s needs and expectations. The following article will provide added value to your search for a reliable, responsible, and service driven recycler who will accommodate all of your electronics recycling and asset recovery needs.

Environmental Responsibility:

A. Electronics Recycling Certifications:
There are two highly recognized industry certifications that set the playing field for proper electronics disposal practices and environmental standards for appropriate electronics recycling, asset recovery and e-scrap commodity processing. These certifications are considered throughout the industry as the most important aspect in an electronics recycler’s standard for environmental responsibility.

Although there are several opinions as to which certification is superior and contains the best standards, but I will leave that up to you to decide, as both certifications promote environmentally sustainable methods for electronics recycling. I have provided you the links to both certifications website’s below:

B. International Organization for Standardization (ISO):
The International Organization for Standardization otherwise known as ISO, provides management standards; ISO-14001 & ISO-9001, to the electronics recycling industry within the areas of Environmental (14001) and Quality Management (9001). Each of these standards are recognized globally and considered management standards within the world’s economy. I have listed links to both the Environmental Management (IS0-14001) and Quality Management (ISO-9001) standards. Both standards should be understood and considered when evaluating an electronics recycler for its services.

C. Internal Safety Standards and State Legislation Compliance:
This section is also considered an important part in evaluating and selecting an electronics recycling vendor. Each state has standards for pollution liability, facility and grounds regulations/standards, zoning, etc. It is a crucial part in the vendor selection process, to make sure that they possess and can provide you with the correct documents that prove their compliance with state/federal laws and regulations. Common documents that different state departments require:

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Pollution Liability Insurance in relation to State mandated coverage amounts
  • Annual or more frequent air testing of facility (OSHA Requirement)
  • DNR Registration and EPA ID Number
  • Zero Landfill Ban for Electronics (this is not mandated law by any state governments, but often preferred)
  • Financially Guaranteed Closure Plan: Guarantees that your company is not held liable if the recycler goes out of business due to pollution caused by materials your company is responsible for sending them.
  • OSHAS 18001 international Health and Safety Management System 

Data Security: Standards for Data Destruction & Sanitization

A. Methods for Data Destruction and Sanitation

There are two common ways to destroy the data found on your company’s hard drives, media devices, usb’s, and cellular devices.

One of those ways is to electronically clear, purge, and/or wipe date from the hard drive or data containing device. This allows you to continue to utilize the device for its general purposes but with no previously existing information remaining on the device for further users to obtain.

The other side of the data destruction coin is the standard for physical destruction of the data containing device. Specifically pertaining to hard drive destruction; shredding or perforating the hard drive are two highly recognized processes in physically destroying the data within the device as well as the device itself.

B. Data Destruction/Sanitation Standards

There are three common standards/certifications for Data Destruction as recognized within the electronics recycling and asset management industry. When recycling devices that contain sensitive data please audit your selected electronics recycling vendor and make sure they are destroying data to one or more the below stated standards:

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