February 2012

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Track Searching Trends with Your Inventory Matches

By Kim Cullen, PowerSource Online

Did you know that you can track the trends of your Inventory listed on PowerSourceOnline.com? The Inventory Matches section is located in the Advertising Zone tab. Your inventory matches consist of any uploaded inventory and WTS posting matches that buyers on PowerSource Online have searched for within the past 7, 28 or 90 days. Inventory Matches are an important part of doing business on PowerSource Online. Members listing their Inventory on PowerSourceOnline.com utilize the Inventory Matches section the most; however this section is available for all members and includes WTS Matches.

At the top of the Inventory Matches section, you will see three graphs highlighting your company’s Inventory Matches. These graphs offer a high level of who searched for your line items (Members, Non Members (End Users) or V-Stock users), what they were looking for (your Top 10 Manufacturers Matched) and when the matches occurred (by date).

In addition to the broad graphs, you can view your Inventory Matches by Detailed Report, including Part/Model Numbers, Manufacturer and Company for the past 7 days, 28 days or last 3 months. You are also able to view your real-time inventory matches for today and up to the last 7 days.

Please note that each detailed report will show the results for the time period that you have selected. The past 7 days, past 28 days or the last 3 months. Only the Real-Time Inventory Matches will ONLY allow you the past 7 days option.

Inventory Matches by Part/Model Numbers
View how many times each line item of your Inventory was searched for on PowerSourceOnline.com with the “By Part Numbers” Detailed Report. This detailed report of your part numbers lists the Part or Model Number, its matching Manufacturer, how many unique companies searched for that part and how many total times the part was searched for in that time period.

Use this data to know the demand for specific parts in the Industry and the lack of demand for other parts your company may have listed.

Inventory Matches by Manufacturer
View the Manufacturers of the parts that you list for sale on PowerSource Online to see the popularity through searches of each; the “By Manufacturer” Detailed Report lists the Manufacturers of your line items, the number of companies searching during that time period and the number of unique searches per manufacturer.

Use this data to learn which Manufacturers are being heavily sourced on PowerSourceOnline.com and to track trends.

Inventory Matches by Company
The “By Company” Detailed Report lists the Companies that have searched for your Inventory and the number of unique Inventory Matches per company.

Many of our Suppliers use this information to cross-check with past and current customers searching their Inventory. This data can be helpful in understanding the sales phone calls that you are receiving from specific companies and the source, PowerSourceOnline.com, of those sales.

Real-Time Inventory Matches
The Real-Time Inventory Matches, also known as Keyword Matches, show you how companies are searching for your Inventory. This Detailed Report, “By Keyword”, lists the date/time of the search, your Part/Model match, the Manufacturer, the Condition of the line item, the Company who performed the search and the Keyword(s) the company searched for on PowerSource Online. This data is only available for the last 7 days.

Exporting Inventory Matches
Export and analyze this search data using the downloadable CSV file to help determine which parts and manufacturers are heavily searched for and the search trends within the Industry. Analyzing this data for your internal usage regarding supply and demand, Industry trends, popular Manufacturers and more can be beneficial for your company’s budgeting and future Inventory purchases.

To export a specific Detailed Report, simply click on that report for a specified time period and click the “Export Report” button. You can then save this report and sort and analyze the data in CSV or Excel format. The report itself will be a CSV file which is easily converted into Excel format.

If you have any questions regarding your Inventory Matches, please contact your account manager or support@powersourceonline.com for a personalized walk through of your company’s data and trends.