January 2012

SSD Storage Cache Software

NVELO Announces SSD Storage Cache Software for Ultra-thin Mobile Computing

Dataplex™ Cache Software Solves Performance Requirements for New Generation of Notebook and Tablet Computing Products

January 5, 2011 – Santa Clara, CA – NVELO, Inc., a pioneer in innovative computer storage software, today announced that its Dataplex product, the industry’s leading cache software solution, now delivers increased system performance and responsiveness required for the next generation mobile computing devices, such as Notebook and Tablet computing devices. Dataplex has been tested on the very latest notebook platforms, and exceeds aggressive performance requirements with a 5400RPM HDD, and as little as 16GB or 20GB of MLC-based mSATA SSD cache. PC OEM’s can now offer affordable ultra-thin notebooks that deliver new levels of performance and responsiveness in terms of boot times, hibernation, application launch and data transfer times.

“There is clearly a new wave of momentum building for Ultrabook type products, and PC OEM’s are scrambling to achieve the right balance of price and performance for storage subsystem requirements,” said Jiurong Cheng, CEO at NVELO. “After working with key PC OEM partners, and leveraging our own expertise in high-performance caching for workstation and server products, we are very excited to offer this robust caching product that enables PC OEM’s to meet price, performance, and endurance requirements, while preserving the flexibility to deploy caching on their own choice of chipsets, storage HDD’s, and Cache SSD’s.”

Dataplex is a host-based software product from NVELO that increases overall system performance by using a low capacity SSD as a high-performance cache for traditional HDD storage devices. Dataplex incorporates intelligent caching algorithms that dynamically monitor and manage user data to deliver SSD level performance across the entire capacity of the HDD. Dataplex ultimately delivers affordable SSD-level performance, with HDD capacity, and with end-user data management requirements.

Dataplex for Client/Consumer Computing
NVELO offers two Dataplex options for use in client computing. For professional video and graphics production, software development, CAD/CAM, and gaming, Dataplex utilizes a “Write-Back” caching policy to deliver maximum performance and endurance for heavy end-user workloads. In this mode, both system Reads and Writes are cached, and the ideal MLC or SLC-based cache SSD would typically be in the range of 32GB to 128GB depending upon specific use cases.

For notebooks and tablet computing, Dataplex uses a “Write-Around” caching policy which caches system Reads, and can utilize MLC-based SSD’s with as little as 16GB capacity for cost reduction, while still delivering 4-5x performance over HDD’s, and maintaining multi-year endurance requirements. NVELO’s industry’s leading Dataplex cache software products are available today for PC OEM’s and SSD vendors.

About NVELO, Inc.
NVELO is a pioneer in innovative storage software, bringing new intelligence into storage subsystems to break the I/O bottleneck in today’s computing systems. Its flagship caching software product “Dataplex” was first introduced in 3Q2011, and is currently available in retail markets, bundled with SSD products from select SSD vendors. Dataplex is now being introduced to the market through Computer OEM’s for distribution with notebook, desktop, and all-in-one computers. Server caching products for enterprise markets are planned for 2012. NVELO is a privately held company and employs world-class engineering and management teams, with corporate headquarters in Santa Clara California. For more information, visit www.nvelo.com

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