January 2012

e-Waste Management Summit Wrap Up

Inaugural e-Waste Management Summit Wrap Up

By: Søren S. Du Preez, IQPC

The inaugural e-Waste Management Summit, presented by IQPC, was held at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada from 14 to 16 November 2011. This unique, boutique industry event united electronics end-of-life experts and e-cycling advocates to discuss the challenges now facing the electronics industry as it strives towards the infinite recyclability of electronics.

The conference opened with a Keynote Address delivered by Suzanne Rudzinski, Director of the Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery at the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, who discussed the role of the federal government in domestic and international e-cycling initiatives. The United States government was represented onsite in the form of the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Office of the United States Trade Representative, and the presence of these authorities coupled with international organizations such as the Basel Action Network, allowed for a highly constructive dialogue over the course of 3 days between public and private sector stakeholders.

Original Equipment Manufacturers operating in the realm of electronics were also well represented at this premier event and companies such as Nokia, Hewlett Packard, Vizio, Sony, Samsung, and Dell, among others were in attendance. Steven Rockhold, Global Program Manager for Product Reuse & Recycle from Hewlett Packard, led an interactive panel discussion on the challenges of responsible recycling in emerging markets that discussed the complexities encountered in foreign markets such as limited access to infrastructure and disparate export regulations. David Conrad, Head of Sustainable Strategy for North America at Nokia, provided a very insightful overview of Nokia’s sustainability platform and what makes the company’s approach unique and successful, leading to an engaging discussion of mobile phone life cycle management. The entire Summit audience of industry stakeholders and influencers also enjoyed the opportunity to see how Nokia has effectively built awareness of its green practices and encouraged consumers to join in the effort with a special 3D screening of Wild Ocean, which brought the event to a close on Wednesday, 16 November 2011.

The e-Waste Management Summit was also the platform for the delivery of IQPC’s 2011 Electronics’ Industry Awards which were designed to recognize those individuals working in electronics manufacturing and retail who have exhibited excellence in environmental compliance and extended producer responsibility throughout the product value chain of consumer electronics. The 2011 award recipients were as follows:

2011 Electronics Excellence Executive Award
Winner: Mike Watson, Director of Compliance, Dell
Runner-Up: Eric Johnson, Corporate Sustainability, Sony

2011 Green Stewardship Executive Award
Winner: Michael Moss, Director of Corporate Environmental Affairs, Samsung
Runner-Up: David Conrad, Head of Sustainable Strategy for North America, Nokia

2011 Responsible Recycler Award
Winner: Steve Rockhold, Global Program Manager for Product Reuse & Recycle, Hewlett Packard
Runner-Up: Lennie Myers, Chief Operating Officer, Image Microsystems

The next edition of the Summit will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana in May 2012 and will provide the industry’s thought leaders an opportunity to participate in an intimate think tank forum that is paving the way forward for transformation and innovation in the realm of used electronics and the electronics industry as a whole. For more information please visit the official conference website at www.ewastemgmtsummit.com.