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Storage Visions Conference 2012

2012 Storage Visions Conference: Heavy Storage for Thin Clients

By Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates

The Eleventh Annual Storage Visions Conference will be held at the Riviera Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8 & 9, 2012. The 2012 Storage Visions conference should attract over 800 attendees to the two days of conference and exhibits. The theme of the 2012 conference is: Heavy Storage for Thin Clients. This theme plays on the current market struggle to determine where content will be stored. Will it be in the cloud, will it be in the client or in a local network or in all of these? With the rise of powerful mobile devices and new efficiencies in data centers, thin clients with relatively little storage become useful. On the other hand faster storage interfaces, the growth of network storage, including personal clouds, may make new models of local storage rise from the ashes of older storage architectures. This struggle is going on in an environment of increasingly higher resolution content, continuous content capture and ever more sophisticated ways to find, protect, secure and organize content. This changing technology will drive the next great wave of wealth creation and digital storage will play a key role in making this possible. The exhibitors, sponsors, sessions and keynotes at the 2012 Storage Visions Conference will explore all aspects of the conference theme as well as general progress in storage technology, systems, software and applications that use digital storage—and what application doesn’t?

Platinum sponsors of SV 2012 are Intel, Micron and SanDisk (also the SV 2012 bag sponsor).

Our Gold and lanyard sponsor is Toshiba.

Silver sponsors include Imation, NVELO, OCZ Technology and Samsung (reception and registration sponsor). Bronze sponsors include Amplidata, Atempo, Brightsign, Cadence, Calypso Systems, Datalight, SNIA SSSI, Thought Equity Motion and the Trusted Computing Group. Exhibitors are DigiStore Solutions, Drive Savers, Dynamite Data, ioSafe, Millenniata, Philips LiteOn, SATA-io and Xendata. Our official NewsWire sponsor is PR Newswire (VPO).

Organization and media sponsors include Active Archive Alliance, Blu-ray Disc Association, Burn World, Computer Outlook, Coughlin Associates, Createasphere, Davis Consulting Asia, Digital Living Room, FCIA, Fierce Cable, Home- Toys, IDC, IDEMA, IEEE Consultants Network of Silicon Valley, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Flash Memory Summit, Media and Entertainment Technology, MediaTech Association, Objective Analysis, Outlook Foundation, Park Associates, PC World, Photo Imaging News, PowerSource Online, PriceG2, Santa Clara Valley IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Chapter, SMPTE, STA, Storage Review, Storage Newsletter,, RDC and The Shindler Perspective.

Following is the agenda for SV 2012:

Day 1 (Sunday January 8, 2012):

8:00 to 8:15 AM: Introduction: Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates

8:15 to 9:45 AM: A1: Look Up in the Sky: Growth in Storage for High Resolution Content Creation and Production

  • Moderator: Mary Yurkovic, Createasphere

This session addresses digital storage and the requirements for capturing, editing and archiving content. The industry is being transformed by file-based workflows, as major studios and theatres embrace digital cinema and high resolution 3D content and as ever larger content libraries are created and maintained.

  • Speakers: Bang Chang, SeaChange International; Bob Herzan, Rorke Data; Alex Grossman, Active Storage; Michelle Munson, Aspera; Tom Leyton, Amplidata
  • Panelists: Randy Chou, Panzura; Hossein ZiaShakeri, SpectraLogic

10:00 to 10:30 AM: Ken Brady, Turner Studios; Keynote Speech 1
10:30 to 12:00 AM: B1: Protecting What we Have

  • Moderator: Michael Willett, Samsung

This session covers the challenges facing security of stored content, especially content on mobile devices. The low-level technology underlying physical storage, both magnetic (hard drives) and electrical (flash memory) adversely affects traditional storage protection and erasure techniques. New, standardized products can resolve these protection issues and provide robust storage erasure. Other “hot buttons” in content protection will be highlighted. Come to this session armed with your security questions for open-mike Q/A.

  • Speakers: Ben Thiel, Micron; David Duncan, Imation; Aidan Herbert, Wave Systems; Jorge Campello, Hitachi GST; Michael Willett, Samsung Panelists: Chris Bross, Drivesavers; Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates

12:00 to 1:30 PM: Lunch and Exhibits
1:30 to 2:00 PM: Kevin Conley, SanDisk; Keynote Speech 2
2:00 to 2:45 PM: C1: Analyst Perspectives: In the Cloud or in Our Cells—Opportunities and Challenges for Content Storage

  • Moderator: Dave Reinsel, IDC

Learn what VCs are investing in as tomorrow’s opportunities. What do leading analysts think will be the balance between storage in the cloud, in consumer electronics and computers. What are the hot new technologies and drivers for growth in professional entertainment and consumer storage markets?

  • Panelists: Stephen Baker, NPD Group; Sergis Mushell, Gartner; Jeff Janukowicz, IDC; Jim Handy, Objective Analysis; Kris Kubiki, Dynamite Data

3:00 to 4:30 PM: D1: A Rolling Stone: Storage Options for Devices and Systems

  • Moderator: Dennis Waid, Peripheral Research

Find out about exciting new storage architectures for computer, computer-like devices and storage systems including thin client computers with cloud access, SSD based computer and hybrid and dual storage computers and storage systems offering the advantages of flash memory and hard disk drives in various combinations.

  • Speakers: Kristen Hopper, Micron; Kevin Silver, NVELO; Lux Anantharaman, iTwin; Doreet Oren, SanDisk; Roy Sherrill, Datalight
  • Panelists: Gadi Ben–Gad, SanDisk; Jim Pappas, Intel

4:30 to 6:00 PM: E1: A Brave New World for Home, Office and Entertainment Storage

  • Moderator: Jim Handy, Objective Analysis

Find out about the latest in storage technologies such as hard disk drives, solid state drives, flash memory, optical discs and brand new storage technologies. Learn about new standards that will be used to create effective, green and speedy storage devices and networks.

  • Speakers: Mike Fitzpatrick, Toshiba; Paul Wassenberg, Marvell; Touhid Raza, Intel; Andy Parsons, Pioneer Electronics; Harry Mason, LSI and Marty Czekalski, Seagate
    Panelist: Ted Stanford, FlashSoft

6:00 to 8:00 PM: Reception (Sponsored by SanDisk)

Day 2 (Monday January 9, 2012):

8:00 to 9:30 AM: A2: No Rest for the Wicked: Accessing Everything on CE Devices

  • Moderator: James Porter, DiskTrend

Digital storage is crucial to product design whether for MP3 players, entertainment systems, set-top boxes, mobile phones, computers or lifelogs. Hear how leading designers of consumer products and storage developers are working together to meet this critical need in the future. Find out the latest in storage technology within and without consumer products. What are options to protect and recover your content?

  • Speakers: Robert Khedouri, SanDisk; Hangu Sohn, Samsung; Mark Grodzinsky, Wilocity; John Rydning, IDC; Larry O’Conner, Other World Computing
  • Panelists: Richard Zech, The Advent Group

9:30 to 10:00 AM: Rob Crooke, Intel Keynote Speech 3
10:15 to 11:45 AM: B2: Keeping the Best To Last?: Long Term Content Protection and Archiving (Sponsored by Atempo)

  • Moderator: Pallab Chatterjee, M&E Technology

High resolution content won’t last forever unless content owners create a rational archive that includes good metadata and digital asset management. Today’s archives are serving active libraries for a multitude of content distribution networks. As the complexity and resolution of digital content increases, archiving technology will play a bigger role in making sure today’s content survives. This session will help you with your long term data protection plan.

  • Speakers: Kevin Schaff, Thought Equity Motion; Brian Campanotti, Front Porch Digital; Brian Findlay, Imation; John Hoehn, IBM; Janet Lafleur, Atempo
  • Panelists: Phil Storey, Xendata; Joel Love, Coldstor Data

11:45 AM to 12:45 PM: Lunch and Exhibits

12:45 to 1:15 PM: Justin Sykes, Micron Keynote Speech 4,

1:15 to 2:45 PM: C2: They’re Out There: Opportunities and Challenges for Consumer and Enterprise Cloud Storage

  • Moderator: Andy Marken, Marken Communications

Distributing content as well as on-line backup and disaster recovery are driving demand for remote storage. This session exposes the storage requirements and trends for on-line content delivery and remote storage. Learn about new business opportunities and how they’ll impact the growth and use of storage in this growing market.

  • Speakers: Joel Hagberg, Toshiba; Russ Kennedy, Clever-Safe; Tracey Doyle, HDS; Radoslav Danilak, StorCloud; Raghunathan Ramamurthy, Intel
  • Panelists: Nikola Teslic, RT-TK Computer Based Systems; Ross Deaner, Paragon Software

2:45 to 4:15 PM: D2: The Long and Winding- Tail: Content Delivery Where Ever and When Ever

  • Moderator: David Doering, TechVoice

Find out about the latest trends in physical content distribution including optical and solid state approaches. Learn about how digital signage depends upon storage. Hear about technologies that promise to provide comprehensive and reliable network access to commercial and personal content. How will social networking and remote storage change content delivery? Can physical distribution compete against or live with content downloading?

  • Speakers: Guillermo Chialvo, Radio Mitre; Jim Taylor, DEC/Ultraviolet; James Myers, Intel; Jeff Hastings, Brightsign; Momchil Michailov, Sanbolic
  • Panelists: Andy Lawrence, xStream Technology; Jay Elliot, Nuvel

4:30 to 6:00 PM: E2: Don’t Lose Your Life: Making, Saving, Sharing and Protecting Family and Business Content

  • Moderator: Liz Conner, IDC

As home storage and small office requirements increase we need new ways to organize, backup, share and manage our rich personal and commercial content. Find out about the technology and business models enabling personal cloud storage as well as direct attached and networked storage for consumers. This is one of the biggest growth areas in consumer storage-find out why.

  • Speakers: Robb Moore, ioSafe; Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol; Mike Mihalik, LaCie; Drew Garcia, SugarSync; Peter Schlatter, Hitachi GST
  • Panelists: Matt Pahnke, Netgear

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