July 2011

APPOINT Manages Mobile Workforces

APPOINT manages mobile workforces across multiple time zones

July 12, 2011
The Hague (The Netherlands)

“APPOINT” is a powerful low cost intuitive application designed to: schedule tasks, and have them sent out worldwide and in real time to a mobile workforce; to receive location data and relay feed-back; to re-allocate personnel and re-schedule tasks; and to support a more efficient and less stressed mobile workforce. In addition to the above, APPOINT can manage multiple time zones simultaneously.

“APPOINT” is a useful tool for individuals and businesses.

The rapid growth in the adoption of personal smartphones has allowed for greater mobility within the global workforce.

The ability to transmit an updated schedule in real time to a mobile workforce is a strategic tool of great importance that can result in a higher quality service being offered at a better price by a stress-free workforce that is effectively coordinated.

By using “APPOINT” on Android mobile devices, corporate leaders can react to the markets with agility by calibrating and fine-tuning their workforce to respond promptly to changing market conditions and customer requirements.

The efficiency and the overall quality of the mobile workforce can be boosted by the easing of their working conditions, a reduction in their stress levels, and an improvement in their personal safety and work-life balance

“APPOINT” helps to support mobile workers by freeing-up spare time and nurturing creativity.

“Thanks to our know-how on High Performance Computing, and following exhaustive testing of our application in 94 countries, we are extremely pleased to be able to offer “APPOINT” at an incredibly low price, allowing enterprises an instant return on the subscription price and opening-up a market for “APPOINT” in every country in the world.

In addition to this, even if it is only of use to a small number of customers, the simultaneous management of multiple time zones bears testament to the expertise of our software developers” says Jean-Marie CARRARA, the CEO of BILLOOPASS.

“APPOINT” is a quarterly pre-paid service devoid of any other constraints because the goal of BILLOOPASS is to unfetter its customers, and to offer them the best possible services at the lowest prices every time.

For more information, please contact:
Jean-Marie Carrara, Product Development Director, BillooPass B.V.
info@billoopass.com, +31 70 338 94 64

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