December 2010

Axis Telesolutions

Axis Telesolutions

Axis Telesolutions is a valued Verified Supplier, Service Company, and Member of PowerSource Axis Telesolutions has been a member of PowerSource Online since 2001.

Axis Telesolutions, Inc. is a long time innovator in the Telecommunications Industry. Axis Telesolutions is constantly evaluating their customers’ needs and offering new solutions. This constant evaluation dictates how they do business at Axis Telesolutions. Their main focus has been supplying and repairing telecommunications equipment. This original direction has led Axis Telesolutions into many areas of the industry. These include: developing their own parts involved in refurbishing, developing innovative ways to repair equipment previously thought to be un-repairable, producing their own electronic parts to fulfill previously unmet demands, offering new ways for customers to manage their inventory, opening doors in the Voice over IP arena, offering an outlet for customers to liquidate excessive inventory.

Axis Telesolutions deals mainly in Datacom, networking, PBX, key, voice mail, VoIP, wire, cable, and wireless parts, equipment and services. As a Verified Supplier Axis Telesolutions products for sale can be found by other members on PowerSource Online.

Axis Telesolutions installs Avaya, Nortel, Polycom and other brands during special circumstances. Axis Telesolutions does installs all equipment, but if you are looking for a company with networking experts to handle your VOIP jobs Axis Telesolutions is the one for you.