November 2010

American Communication Supply

American Communication Supply, Inc. (ACSI)

American Communication Supply is a valued Service Company and Member of PowerSource American Communication Supply has been a member of PowerSource Online since 2001. ACSI repairs and sells over 80 different types of business telephone systems, including new and refurbished equipment.

American Communication Supply deals mainly in Datacom, Networking, PBX, Key, Voice Mail, VoIP, Wire, and Cable parts, equipment and services. As a Service Provider listed on PowerSource Online’s Industry Services directory, American Communication Supply’s services can be found by both other members and by End Users on PowerSource Online.

American Communication Supply specializes in Nortel, Avaya, Panasonic, Nitsuko, Comdial, Cisco, Toshiba, WIN, Samsung, and more. Along with supporting the major manufacturers, American Communication Supply is an authorized repair center that provides exchanges, trade-ins, installs, de-installs, and maintenance contracts to fit your needs.