October 2010

UniCapUK Ltd

UniCapUK Ltd.

UniCapUK Ltd. is a valued Service Company and Member on PowerSource Online.com. UniCapUK Ltd. has been a member of PowerSource Online since 2004.

UniCapUK Ltd specializes in the global trade of IBM Enterprise Hardware. By working with distributors, resellers, brokers, and business partners around the globe, UniCapUK Ltd is able to provide top quality hardware at extremely competitive prices. UniCapUK Ltd offer both new and used hardware depending on our customers needs. With a parts catalogue of over 25,000 parts, UniCapUK Ltd offers products long after the manufacturer has withdrawn them from market. UniCapUK Ltd’s products offered include: IBM System p, IBM pSeries, & IBM RS/6000 IBM System i, IBM iSeries, & IBM AS/400 IBM System x & IBM xSeries IBM System & TotalStorage – IBM Disk systems (IBM FAStT, IBM DS4000, 7133 SSA, 2104 EXP, 2105 ESS), IBM Tape systems (LTO Utlrium, Magstar, DDS, & DLT), and IBM Storage area network (SAN Switches & Directors). From turnkey solutions to spare parts, UniCapUK Ltd can accommodate all of your IBM hardware needs. To ensure prompt delivery of our extensive inventory holding, UniCapUK Ltd operates warehouses in Denmark, England, and the USA.

UniCapUK Ltd. provides a complete set of services to meet the design, installation, technical support, and financing of your information technology needs. From complex migrations to simple upgrades, our technology specialists can assist in implementation of your business critical needs.