October 2010

Consultex, Inc

Consultex, Inc.

Consultex, Inc. is a valued Verified Supplier, Service Company, and Member, on PowerSource Online.com. Consultex, Inc has been a member of PowerSource Online since 1998.

Consultex, Inc deals mainly in printer and copier parts, equipment and services. As a Verified Supplier Consultex, Inc’s products for sale can be found by both other members and by End Users on PowerSource Online. Consultex, Inc is an Authorized Distributor for Printronix, Tally, Dataproducts, Hitachi Koki, OKIdata, Genicom, AMT-Data South and specializes in IBM, Decision Data, Unisys, HP, Compaq/Dec, and many more OEMs.

Consultex, Inc offers advanced exchange programs, technical support, expert customer service, and depot repair. Consultex, Inc also provides national on site service, including installation for most printer manufacturer products.