September 2010

Laptop Batteries

Laptop Batteries

Batteries come in all different sizes, shapes, and voltages. Everything from your watch to your car runs on one. As we depend more and more on portable computing devices, having a little knowledge about them is important. Laptop batteries for example have changed rapidly and will continue to do so as we continue look for alternative energy solutions.

It’s amazing to think that at one point in our technological history, laptop batteries consisted of the widely used AA batteries, clearly using AA’s was not very practical. Lead acid based laptop batteries soon replaced those, but they were very heavy and did not have great usage life. Once the nickel cadmium (NiCD) laptop batteries came along, the old lead acid batteries were out the door. From there we moved to nickel metal hydride laptop batteries, lithium ion laptop batteries, and the lithium polymer laptop batteries most commonly used today.

Laptop batteries will most certainly continue to improve in efficiency and as they do you may want to upgrade yours. The key to upgrading laptop batteries is in making sure you have the correct one for your specific laptop. This may require a phone call to a company who specializes in laptop batteries

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