September 2010

IT Equipment Brokers

IT and Telecom Equipment Brokers

In the world of IT and telecom hardware there are many types of entities out there which buy and sell equipment. An equipment broker for an example is a person or entity which acts as an intermediary, or negotiates contracts for the buying or selling of equipment.

Equipment brokers often receive requests for IT and telecom hardware from their list of clients and then will source those parts out trying to get the best deal for their client. In the IT and telecom hardware arena, equipment brokers look for everything from networking hardware, desktops, laptops, phone systems, printers, and many other types of equipment. As equipment brokers do not typically carry inventory they are very efficient in finding parts and equipment for their clients. Most often they have a core group of vendors which they have used previously to locate needed items. In many cases, equipment brokers will use PowerSource Online to search for parts or equipment and to find new suppliers to build relationships with.

In addition to equipment brokers, PowerSource Online features other buyers such as service companies, interconnects, resellers, and other dealers who need parts and equipment. If you are an equipment broker, or another type of company constantly sourcing for IT or telecom equipment PowerSource Online provides a search feature allowing you to locate true stocking vendors. Once you locate these vendors you have the ability to requests quotes from them or call them directly. Please contact us today to see how you can benefit from the opportunities available.