September 2010

Bar Code Readers

Bar Code Readers

Bar Code Readers are everywhere. In almost every aspect of your day to day lives, you are affected by a bar code reader. Whether it is at your local gas station where you get coffee each morning, or at your favorite clothing store where you spend your entire paycheck, bar code readers play an integral part in today’s infrastructure.

There are many companies which manufacture bar code readers and accessories for them. Zebra, Symbol, HP, Motorola, and Wasp are a few of the more commonly seen manufactures of bar code readers.

The task that these bar code readers perform is very important. They read barcodes which contain various types of data for certain applications. In a grocery store they may help provide the price of an item and adjust stock levels once that item is sold. In a shipping warehouse, they may keep track of where a package is coming from or going to. In other situations such as a hospital or medical facility, they can track patient movement and information.

Imagine when a larger retailer decides to upgrade their bar code readers. What do you think they do with the older bar code readers they no longer need?

Many times these old bar code readers end up on PowerSource Online. Dealers, resellers, and service companies who specialize in bar code readers and other point of sale equipment frequently post used and refurbished equipment that still has some life left. This allows other service companies or resellers to continue supporting their clients who may still be using older bar code scanners or point of sale technology.

As a dealer, reseller, or service company, if you have excess bar code scanners that you would like to sell, you can visit PowerSource Online and advertise that stock. If you are a retailer who may have a point of sale system to get rid of, or you need help upgrading your current system, PowerSource Online also offers you the ability to locate companies in your area through the Wanted Services portion of the network.