August 2010

Backup Storage Devices

Backup Storage Devices: What’s best for you?

Tape Drives, Hard Disks, and Zip Drives, there are many different choices for backup storage devices. Figuring out which backup storage device best fits your needs is up to you.

Tape Drives have been used as backup storage devices for a long time. While they may not be as fast or as efficient as some of the newer technologies, a tape drive offers the confidence of proven quality. The downside to tape drives is that they are becoming obsolete due to their speed.

Hard Disk drives are commonly found backup storage devices. You will find these in desktops, laptops, servers and other IT equipment that is available. Hard disk drives as a backup storage device can be relatively cheap and allow for data to be stored in one location as opposed to having multiple tapes, flash drives, or data CD’s floating around. One of the biggest downfalls to using hard disk drives as a backup storage device is that occasionally it is hard to recover data from them if there is a failure and the often consume a lot of power.

Zip Drives, if you still have one, are an obsolete backup storage device. Over the years they have phased themselves out as they were inefficient, the disks for the drives were bulky and expensive as well as you had to carry around the zip drive with you wherever you went. When zip drives were still prominent they could have been compared to a floppy disk, with high storage capacity and high read/write speed. They were replaced by the CD-RW and DVD-RW drives.

More often than not, consumers will use portable external drives for their backup storage devices. These are user friendly and have become cheaper over the years. For businesses, you may want to see a direct attached storage solution, a storage area network solution, or a network attached storage solution.

If you are not completely sure on which backup storage device best fits your needs, you can visit PowerSource Online’s Industry Services Directory and locate a company in your area specializing in backup storage devices. PowerSource Online also provides the opportunity to request various storage, networking, installation, or repair services via a Wanted Services section of the network.