June 2010

DEC Equipment

DEC Equipment

DEC, more formally known as Digital Equipment Corporation was a manufacturer of minicomputers founded in 1957. According to the popular Encyclopedia Britannica, DEC equipment was found mainly laboratories and research facilities. It is also stated that DEC as a corporation peaked in 1990 at $14 billion in revenue and was later acquired by Compaq (now HP) in 1998. Many of you may have just read this information above having never heard of DEC equipment, for those of you who do have some knowledge of DEC equipment you probably have your stories about it. The question remains, is there still a market for what seems to be an outdated solution.

In fact, as you research more and more into the DEC equipment market, you will see that there is still a market for it. There are companies out there that have some need to maintain their DEC equipment, which is exactly why the secondary market for DEC equipment is so important.

Dealers of DEC equipment typically have a great knowledge about it as most of them have been in business for a long time. The knowledge these dealers have should make a buyer feel comfortable that their DEC system can be supported for years on end. DEC equipment dealers also often times offer full service and support on this equipment due to the fact that it is somewhat of a niche market.

A great place to locate DEC equipment or find a company who specializes in DEC equipment is PowerSource Online. A quick search for DEC equipment such as the AlphaServer yields a number of different dealers who specialize in this equipment.

If nothing else, DEC equipment has truly tested time. While there may have been some business decisions that led to its dispersion, DEC set a standard for much of the HP and Compaq equipment you may be more familiar with.