June 2010

Asset Recovery Explained

Asset Recovery Explained

Within the IT Industry, Asset Recovery companies buy and sell equipment. Asset Recovery companies do not solely focus on a specific type or manufacturer of equipment like many IT dealers; so, what is Asset Recovery and how does it fit into the IT Industry?

Asset Recovery, which can also be called Resource or Investment Recovery, is the process of getting the most value for end of life or not in use assets through reuse or sometimes divestment. All companies perform, to some degree, asset recovery within their normal business practices trying to get the most out of their assets.

A company that deems itself as an Asset Recovery company is solely in the business of liquidating. An Asset Recovery company will purchase equipment at a discounted price. The Asset Recover company will then either resell it for a profit or sell it on behalf of the asset owner for a fee. Assets that have no end of life value are either scrapped, recycled or donated by the Asset Recovery company.

On PowerSource Online, many Asset Recovery companies sell their end of life equipment through the channel of dealers, resellers and brokers using PowerSourceOnline.com to buy and sell equipment. Asset Recovery companies are also listed within the Industry Services Directory for those corporate companies looking for an Asset Recovery company to take end of life equipment.