April 2010

Verified Supplier Certification

Verified Supplier Certification

What is Verified Supplier Certification?

Verified Supplier Certification

Verified Supplier Certification

At PowerSourceOnline.com, we’re committed to providing resellers, dealers and brokers with a safe, efficient and effective place to conduct better business. Understanding the challenges resellers face in finding excellent business partners, we developed the Verified Supplier Certification to simplify the supplier sourcing process and help buyers to make educated decisions with ease and confidence. Verified Supplier Certification lets our community instantly identify reliable stock suppliers by displaying a special Verified Supplier icon in the Age column beside any line item currently in stock. End Users using the non-member section of PowerSourceOnline.com will be able to source from only Verified Suppliers.

Buyer Benefits

Verified Supplier Certification ensures that buyers always have quick and easy access to available products and up-to-date information from trusted vendors. Providing all the details that buyers need to make better decisions, Verified Supplier Certification also enables buyers to review supplier company profiles including details such as number of employees, warehouse size and photographs, maps and directions, notarized certification documents, inventory systems and more.

Supplier Benefits

Verified Suppliers enjoy greater visibility through preferred placement of their inventory on the member site. Verified Suppliers that upload inventory files daily will benefit further by being highlighted in a different color within search result listings.

How do I become a Verified Supplier?

Certification is FREE for suppliers – but only those that have stock in hand are eligible for certification. Suppliers will need to upload an inventory file at least every 4 days to keep their certification active. To become a Verified Supplier, simply complete, sign, notarize and return our Verified Supplier Certification form. Upon approval, you can update your supplier profile and benefit from Verified Supplier status. As a Verified Supplier, you will also enjoy additional benefits. Please contact your account manager to learn more and complete your certification process today.