February 2010

PowerSource Online and TelecomFinders

If you have not yet read or heard, we have exciting news from PowerSource Online! In March 2010, PowerSourceOnline.com will be partnering with TelecomFinders.com to bring its users a more expansive database of Telecom & IT parts for sale by thousands of resellers, dealers, brokers, service providers and suppliers. As you may know, PowerSource Online and TelecomFinders are both owned by Mediagrif Interactive Technologies www.mediagrif.com (TSX:MDF), a publically traded company.

As of the first business day in March, 2010, PowerSource Online users can look forward to additional Verified Suppliers, thousands of additional qualified buyers & over 3 million lines of Telecom and IT parts and equipment to search on PowerSourceOnline.com.

Some NEW and exciting improvements that are coming to PowerSource Online members in March include:

  • Use the Exact Match Search to only bring back your exact part number that you need OR continue to search via keyword, manufacturer or part number with more results from nearly 3 million lines of Inventory of Telecom and IT parts and equipment. Not a member of PowerSource Online? Get your Free Trial!
  • New Telecom and IT parts and equipment to browse via the Category section. New Categories will be added to browse & see images of products & full product specifications. Over 37,000 of current TelecomFinders line items will be automatically categorized with images & full product specifications. See what categories PowerSource Online features: Browse Categories.
  • Upload inventory via XML. If you are currently uploading your in stock Telecom and IT parts and equipment to PowerSourceOnline.com, we have another automated way to get your stock searchable online in real-time! Ask your account manager about our new XML Inventory Upload!
  • Additional exposure opportunities for your PowerSource Online members via FREE Press Releases. Verified Suppliers can send us Press Releases to be featured in the News Section of the Industry Guide Magazine online as often as they have news worthy releases; in addition, all PowerSource Online members can send in a Press Release to be featured once per quarter.
  • Find service providers for Repair, Asset Recovery, Installation, Recycling, Testing and more with our enhanced Industry Service Directory. Do you offer services in addition to equipment? Become listed in the improved Industry Services Directory in March!
    • Read more interesting Industry articles! In addition to the current collection of IT & Computer related articles currently on PowerSource Online, we are merging over all of the Telecom related Industry articles with at least 10 more to come each month! Do you have an article idea? Submit it to us & your article could be featured here next month.

We look forward to this exciting partnership between PowerSourceOnline.com and TelecomFinders.com and welcome any questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email support@powersourceonline.com or phone 855-875-6320.