January 2010

Horizon Technology Web Presence

New Web Strategy: Focus is on increasing user interaction and providing valuable market information

Lake Forest, CA (January 5, 2010):

Horizon Technology proudly announces the unveiling of their newly redesigned website. The new site was constructed with user experience and market intelligence at the forefront. The key additions are meant to communicate Horizon’s core differentiation; delivering unprecedented market liquidity via an unconventional distribution model.

“We strive to be more than distributors for our customers; we bring value to their top decision makers, and real time pricing and availability metrics to their team of tactical buyers. Before any product ever gets shipped it is essential that our customers first understand our market knowledge, our quality and testing procedures, and our commitment to customer experience,” said Matthew Cutone, VP of Sales at Horizon Technology.

Prominent additions to the site include:

  • Global Supply and Demand Database Online Demo
  • Market Liquidity Wheel
  • Buyer’s Tool Box
  • Market Price/Availability Charts
  • Online Chat

“Our GSD Database is at the core of delivering market liquidity which results in unsurpassed transactional velocity, real time targeted cost reduction, and a proactive approach to sourcing production & service materials. It is vital that we communicate these factors in a tangible fashion, the new site does just that,” added Kurt Johnson, CEO of Horizon Technology.

To find out more about Horizon Technology please visit their new website at:

www.HorizonTechnology.com and learn how having access to a liquid market would benefit your company’s supply chain strategy and raise the bottom line.

Horizon Technology is revolutionizing the conventional distribution model by offering a customer-centric approach and providing superior market liquidity on information storage and display products for computing and technology applications. Rather than a conventional vendor-based distribution model which limits customer choices, Horizon determines the specific needs of its customers and delivers the best solution to meet them. As a leading independent distributor, Horizon can offer more choices because the company isn’t limited by a linecard.