January 2010

Evertek Pushes Forward


Oceanside, California, December 22, 2009

While most companies are cutting back, laying off, and watching their profits shrink, Oceanside, California-based Evertek Computer Corp. is doing and seeing the exact opposite. Evertek continues to bring on board well-seasoned purchasers and expand on the strategies that have made them one of the world’s largest and most successful wholesale distributors of personal computers and consumer electronics. Evertek maintains steady growth through what most would call tough economic times by staying true to what has gotten them to where they are today: bringing in great deal after great deal.

“You have to strike while the iron is hot!” says Nader Dehaini, VP of Purchasing at Evertek. “Now is not the time to scale back on our buying behavior. In fact, we are doing just the opposite. With an experienced purchasing team, a global network of name-brand vendors, and a CASH payment policy, we are securing record-breaking deals for our wholesale partners that will significantly contribute to their bottom line. Our focus is on consolidating purchasing power so our partners can focus on increasing profitability.” Dehaini added.

About Evertek
Evertek Computer Corp. is one of the World’s Largest Wholesale Distributors of New, Used and Refurbished computers, peripherals, consumer electronics and computer accessories. Founded in 1990, Evertek specializes in selling quality Excess, Discount, Clearance and Closeout computer and electronic equipment at aggressively discounted prices. Evertek services over 200 countries worldwide and attributes its steady growth to working closely with its wholesale customers – offering same-day shipping, full warranties, technical support and more! Additionally, Evertek focuses on building long-term relationships with its vendors, which include nearly all of the top-named manufacturers worldwide.
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