November 2009

Advertorial: Advertising your Product

Advertising Your Product or Service through an Article

Do you want to promote a product or service to the IT market? Do you have a new line of products that you are promoting? Are you offering repairs on new types of equipment? There is no better way to advertise your product or services than with PowerSource Online’s Advertorials.

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The exact definition of an Advertorial by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is an advertisement promoting the interests or opinions of a corporate sponsor, often presented in such a way as to resemble an editorial. The term “advertorial” is a combination of “advertising” and “editorial.” Several advertising textbooks suggest advertorial or editorial style advertising out pulls conventional advertising layouts. Readers are interested in learning and reading and often times reading about a product in conjunction with a traditional advertisement can have the best effect on the product or service being promoted.

PowerSource Online is pleased to offer Advertorials to companies looking to reach their target market of IT Industry buyers, resellers, service & maintenance companies and other IT Industry professionals through a text advertising format.

You will need to provide PowerSource Online with your:

  • a company logo
  • 1-4 images of the product / service that the Advertorial is focused on
  • contact information including website and phone number
  • the official name of the company
  • the text for the advertorial
  • video or banner (optional)

Your Advertorial can be up to 1,000 words (as an example, this article is 878 words) and will show up right here, within the PowerSource Online Magazine section of the website. There are also opportunities for your Advertorial to be printed in our Spring & Fall Industry Guide going to multiple Trade Shows throughout the year. A small sampling of the Trade Shows and Conferences that the PowerSource Online Industry Guide will be going to include: ITEX 2010, VoiceCon Orlando, International CTIA Wireless and Interop Las Vegas.

Your Advertorial will remain on PowerSource Online for up to one full year; if it is a time sensitive product or service, you may chose to have it online for less than a full twelve months. Thousands of unique IT professionals read PowerSource Online’s articles, advertorials and news stories every month. In addition, over 37,000 more IT Professionals receive our monthly eNews which will include a link to your Advertorial the first month it is published.

Your Advertorial can also include a banner ad or video ad within the article text. This is optional and can enhance your overall sales message and keep the reader engaged.

How do you write a successful Advertorial (or an article that sells)?

There are a few key points to keep in mind while writing your Advertorial. Our PowerSource Online team will be more than happy to elaborate and help with any questions that you may have throughout the process.

Define exactly what you are selling

In our example, we are going to present a company who has just become an Authorized Cisco Repair Center. What are you selling? Is it the Repair Center as a whole, a particular service (Cisco Authorized) in the company, or the company’s highly-qualified technicians? Find out what your focus is and what you are truly “selling” and define that before you begin writing your Advertorial.

Get a story that fits the sale

Have fun with the story! Brainstorm. Be creative.

  • If you’re promoting your Repair Center as a whole, your story might be about the growing popularity of repairing equipment in this economy, a story about a company saving money on repair versus purchasing new equipment.
  • If you’re promoting a particular service, such as your company now being an authorized Cisco Repair Center, your story might be a informational facts and figures story about that service.
  • If you’re promoting the technicians, your story might be a personal profile and story.

Wrap the story around the product/service that you are selling

Start and end the Advertorial with the story. Your true sales message needs to be in the middle. A good rule of thumb is that the sales message should be within the second or third paragraph of the Advertorial.

Use quotes and testimonials (especially for benefits of the product or service)

Use customer quotes or testimonials within your Advertorial. Don’t just fill it with facts. It’s especially useful to use quotes to describe the benefits of a product or service.

Do not use advertising slogans or promotional clichés

Do not use “lowest price, best service” or other promotional clichés. Also, stay away from your traditional advertising slogans within your Advertorial. You can use these within your Banner or Video Ad (optional) that you have within your Advertorial. Remember, an Advertorial is “soft” advertising.

Include the ways to find out more and/or purchase, but not the price

Your website and any contact information can be at the bottom of the Advertorial. However, don’t include price. Price tips the story too much towards the ‘advertising’ end of the scale.

Publishing an Advertorial with PowerSource Online is a new medium to expose your company and its product/service to the secondary IT market. If you have any questions, would like additional information about an Advertorial, please contact us here or call 855-875-6320.