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Comtek Network Systems (UK) LTD

Service/Maintenance Company (United Kingdom, Flintshire)

Europe's largest multi-vendor Network & Datacomms Hardware Repair service. Pan-European repairs, service, reverse logistics & RMA management. Expertise in: Cisco, Extreme, 3Com, Juniper, Foundry, Lucent, Nokia, Avaya, HP, Compaq, Enterasys, Nortel, APC, Case, Cray, BT, Ascom, Madge, + many others. View More

CES Telecom Ltd

Non-authorized Reseller (United Kingdom, Hertfordshire)

CES is an independent supplier of telecommunications equipment, we remain a dynamic and growing company, providing worldwide outsource support to the telecommunications industry bringing leading products and services to both new and established customers. Our key corporate objectives are clear,... View More

TXO Systems #1

Reseller (USA, Maryland)

TXO Systems provides professional asset management services and consultancy to the telecoms industry. TXO Systems works with its clients to responsibly and sustainably acquire, redeploy, resell, and recycle technology assets, allowing them to generate revenues, reduce expenses and achieve... View More

DTC-Telecom, Inc.

Reseller (United Kingdom, Northamptonshire)

DTC International Ltd provides Reverse Logistics and After Market Services to the global telecommunications industry. We recover, re-engineer, resell, and recycle a broad range of telecommunications equipment ranging from Customer Premises Equipment, Fixed Line, Wireless Global Operator Networks... View More


Dealer (USA, Florida)

Our reputation for delivering the highest quality and innovation to the telecom sector for the past 25 years, coupled with our global sales team and techniques ensures that we unlock the maximum residual value for our clients. We have over 4000 active customers around the globe who rely on us...... View More


Dealer (Germany)

We provide one-stop solutions for procurement, repair, refurbishment and logistics for central exchange, wireline and wireless and all needs to the telecommunications industry. As an independent multi-vendor partner we offer best-in-class and cost-efficient solutions throughout Europe,... View More

Lynx UK Ltd

Non-authorized Reseller (United Kingdom, Hampshire)

Lynx UK Ltd is a UK based telecom consultancy, providing telecoms asset management, removal, salvage and storage. Lynx UK Ltd provides services to transport, store, remarket and/or dispose of surplus telecommunications and network equipment: Call +44 (0) 7968 849 799 / 44 (0) 1264 337 444 When... View More

Silent Computing LTD

Broker (United Kingdom, West Midlands)

Specialist Printer solutions company, Buy and Sell printers ranging from the worlds smallest portable to large mainframe printers. Any Brand, Make and Model (Colour, Thermal, ID Badge, Dye-Sub, Dot-Matrix, Line, Laser, Solid Wax, Continuous Laser). Specialist in printer connectivity Twinax,... View More

Communications Test Design, Inc.

Dealer (USA, Pennsylvania)

Communications Test Design, Inc. (CTDI) has provided groundbreaking maintenance service solutions to the telecommunications industry since 1975. Over the years, CTDI has strategically diversified our Service Portfolio to include: Wireline Repair & Logistics, Wireless Repair & Logistics,... View More